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But even if it's just the harmless fling that you're looking for, then here are some flirting questions which should work miraculously well and give you a hint of how to flirt. Have you ever bragged to your friends about me? Guys don't get the fun of walking into a bar and asking questions from girls. Would you rather have true love or win the lottery? LoveBondings Staff Last Updated: Do you ever fantasize about me? How old were you when you lost it?

21 questions to ask a guy flirty questions

What is your most visited website? I catch you staring at me. All this talk of pet names and dirty talk may have things heated up, but opening up about what he would consider a perfect relationship might let your man know you truly mean business with him. What's the best thing a woman can do to you in bed? If you had to make out with a friend of the same sex to save the world from aliens, whom would you pick? Here is our list of dirty questions to ask your boyfriend for those who have already been serious in the bedroom or are just beginning to take steps in that direction! Have you ever hooked up with someone you weren't supposed to hook up with? What is your favorite place to be massaged? How many exes' numbers are still in your phone? How many rounds do you think you could go? Or, maybe because you like to think of him indecent. So here - some of the best flirting questions coming right up. How would you describe your ideal relationship? Girls, You Can't Miss These Flirting Questions to Ask a Guy When one wonders how to flirt with that boy you like, here to help you out are some flirting questions to ask a guy. Is laughing in the bedroom okay with you or do you prefer keeping things serious? What do you like to do better: How to leave an indelible mark and show him that you can go there too? What is love not? Where do you like to be kissed? What would you do if I answered the door without clothes on? What household chore have you never done? What are you looking for in a girl? Before we started dating, did you ever fantasize about me? Have you ever done it in the backseat? Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

21 questions to ask a guy flirty questions

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21 Questions Game Funny and Dirty Questions - USE IT & HAVE FUN!!!

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