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Sounds good, but it is loud when you floor it. Now its all shiny inside. Remember the location of all the bolts you take out, as some only go where they came out pay close attention to you timing cover bolts. Just put your tranny in gear, put a log under a wheel and torque it. After 18 years of use, there was a significant amount of road dirt accumulated inside the compartment, and on surrounding components. Then a garden hose with a thumb over it works just as well.

22r rebuilt engines

If you added the LCE performance package you will need to adjust your Mass Air Flow sensor so that you can trick your engine into running richer because of the increased air flow caused by your upgraded parts. The first step is to decide where you are going to buy parts. You will need to change your oil after miles, then another miles, then miles, then you will be good for your normal mile oil change. I also relocated my oil filter so that it will not drip oil down the side of my nice new engine, as well as increase my oil filter size. Decide how far in depth you are willing to go with this project. This is an extremely helpful tip as I did not do this, and I struggled for some time while I tried to unbolt it with the engine out. Now, get your engine hoist all set up, and start unbolting. Once you are satisfied that everything is smooth, all your bolts are torque to spec check your crank bearing bolts if you bought a short block — just in case then you should be ready to hook up your hoist and drop it back in. This may seem like that easy way, but it is messy and leaves a lot of room for something to go wrong and break. The hardest part about stripping the engine besides labeling is that you will have to remove the whole intake manifold before you can get the wiring harness out of the way. Just take some carb cleaner, a scraper, and go at it. After a few trips around the block lash your valves again. Once everything is unbolted and out of the way, carefully work the engine out. I gave them a call, and found out that they had a rebuilt 22RE short block in stock, and would rebuild my head. Tips before you start: Bleed your clutch slave cylinder. Step Nine — Hooking Things Up: While I was standing inside my engine compartment, I also decided to replace my clutch slave cylinder, as it was really easy to get to. I chose these guys because I have only heard good things about the company and their products. The stock 22RE seemed like it was bogged down when you stepped on the gas pedal whereas now when I step on the gas it accelerates freely. Install your plug wires should be labeled. The only problem I that I have is that the truck is a little on the loud side now. So first find TDC for 1 piston and align your rotor. You have to line the tranny up with the clutch. Just put your tranny in gear, put a log under a wheel and torque it. Yeah, your hard work and hard earned money has almost paid off. Remember the location of all the bolts you take out, as some only go where they came out pay close attention to you timing cover bolts.

22r rebuilt engines

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Toyota Hilux 22R Engine performance rebuild in Australia

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