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Farida Dadi as Mrs Qureshi, Farhan's mother, a loving and caring parent. In the flashback story, his family was unable to afford the car that would be demanded as a dowry for his sister. Ranchoddas' father arranged for Chhote to attend ICE in his son's name, so that his son could take credit for the degree. Returning to the present, Farhan is a successful wildlife photographer, Raju is married and settled with his family in a comfortable lifestyle with a corporate job, and Chatur is the vice president of a reputed corporation in the United States. Madhavan suddenly receives a call from Chatur Ramalingam Omi Vaidya claiming that he has found Rancho. In the present story, he is vice-president of an American company who only discovers his success being overshadowed by Rancho in the end of the film.

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Rancho, as a student, was conspicuously ingenious and angry at the inhumanity of the school system. Baradwaj Rangan of the New Indian Express wrote that Chatur being a Tamil from Uganda makes him "twice removed from the North Indians around him — a stranger to the nation as well as the national language. After Rancho visits his friends' families, the trio then gatecrash a wedding to eat and meet and befriend Virus's daughter, Pia Kareena Kapoor , who is a residency student at the city's hospital. Kareena Kapoor as Pia Sahastrabuddhe, Virus' younger daughter, an intelligent and capable doctor. It is from him that Raju and Farhan learns the truth: Arriving at Shimla, they meet a man who turns out to be the real Ranchoddas Chanchad. Sharman Joshi as Raju Rastogi, another of the trio who comes from an impoverished family with a mother who is a retired school teacher and a paralyzed father who worked as a postman. Unwilling to betray Rancho, Raju attempts suicide and ends up in a coma. His habit of being gassy due to consumption of pills to enhance his memorization earns him the nickname Silencer. In the flashback story, his family was unable to afford the car that would be demanded as a dowry for his sister. Madhavan suddenly receives a call from Chatur Ramalingam Omi Vaidya claiming that he has found Rancho. At the end, he is shown to have changed his doctrinal methods of teaching. He then causes an emergency landing by feigning a heart attack. Parikshit Sahni as Mr Qureshi, Farhan's father, a strict but loving parent who just wants his son to be happy. Jayant Kripalani as a company head who conducts Raju's job interview. Viru Sahastrabuddhe, the college's strict director known as "Virus" and Pia and Mona's father who acts as the film's antagonist. When Virus's spots the trio, he summons Farhan and Raju on the next school day and threatens their families income. Hirani and his team left in late August for the shoot with the principal cast. He does appreciate what Chhote did for him, and tells Raju and Farhan where to find him. After Virus tells him that he will not graduate, he commits suicide. Rancho and the other students use their engineering knowledge to deliver the baby with the help of Pia over video call. As the three friends escape, Virus recognizes Raju, and threatens to expel him unless he writes a letter implicating Rancho in the break-in. That same night, Virus' pregnant elder daughter Mona goes into labor during a heavy storm which cuts off all traffic and electricity. In the present story, he is a settled married man in Delhi who has freed his family from poverty by becoming a wealthy executive. On the way, they pass Manali and rescue Pia from marrying her materialistic boyfriend Suhas over Chatur's objections; Chatur hurries to seek a business deal with world-renowned scientist and businessman with patents, Phunsukh Wangdu. With intensive care and support from his friends and Pia, Raju recovers in time for a corporate job interview.

3 idiots girl

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Infuriated by Rancho's influence, Virus sets a difficult final exam to fail Raju. Viru Sahastrabuddhe Boman Irani , whom the ICE community nicknames as "Virus", and whose traditional and strict philosophies on education contrast sharply with Rancho's carefree love of learning.

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