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Taurus April 20 — May 20 A Taurus woman may need to go against her nature to make a relationship work with a Libra man. His ego is bruised and his priorities seem to be shuffled, while he might be lost on his own character and wishes, just out of a need to please others. He will want to be looked at, cherished, caressed and touched in public, even though he might have a problem showing his own affection among other people. Use your imagination and creativity and your Libra guy will fall helplessly in love with you! As long as they're serious about their partner, any flirting they do doesn't amount to anything more. The spending habits of the Scales are not likely to go over well with frugal Capricorn. Whatever the situation in the insult department, this is a man who will stay in a relationship for a long time if he decides to be with someone. He needs to retreat and refresh himself, and has a few regular routines that must not be denied.

About libra man

It can be hard for his partners to live up to the lofty pedestals he loves to place them on. Know it's just an ego boost for them and they only have eyes for you. How to choose a gift for your Libra Man He will probably want something expensive. The biggest problem will be that neither is good at making sound decisions. The harsh angles and lessons of real life are distasteful to this prince of the air. Both signs love people and intellectual stimulation, along with personal freedom. For our grandpa, it was a 1: As long as he can iron out his own internal conflict between a passionate desire for freedom and a natural longing for partnership, marriage can endure as a true lasting union. Loving, warm and compassionate, Libra is one of the most charming of all the zodiac signs. Libra men love art and design, so beautiful, glossy coffee table books and trips to modern art museums or performance events will delight them. Mess and disarray offend Venus-ruled Libra men, who prize beauty and appearance sometimes over functionality and basic human needs. This can happen at the beginning of a relationship and a Libra man can move too fast, scaring his partner away with expectations that seem unreal. Curious whether or not you compatible with your Libra man? After reboot, you must return mature and self-possessed if you want to regain his favor. Whatever the situation in the insult department, this is a man who will stay in a relationship for a long time if he decides to be with someone. He simply thinks it is best to know where he stands right away. The biggest problem arises when he relies too hard on Saturn, being too formal, strict, cold or stiff. The Libra man craves an interdependent, equally balanced relationship. And if he doesn't feel like he's achieved that balance, he simply will not allow himself to a take a woman completely seriously because he knows in his mind that it's just not going anywhere. Libra loves attention, but is also good at giving it to other people, especially women. On the down side, he may be very indecisive and hard to pin down to an opinion. They're both independent, so they'll understand that trait in their partner. Your relationship with him would have to be completely unbalanced and miserable for him to consider that alternative. Libras are known to be a bit of a flirt, even if they're already in a relationship. If that takes him five minutes or five years, so be it.

About libra man

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