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Yet the most common response was a headscratch of global proportions. Both major parties run election campaigns around being tough on refugees. Think Attunga, Caboolture, Goondiwindi and Dumbleyung. Only three people out of more than a hundred informally polled in and around New York City on Tuesday was aware of the presidential visit. To steal a line from Sylvia Plath: We are a small nation, but on this issue we really punch above our weight! Australia is a country full of culturally diverse cuisine, and the majority of our chefs take pride in using only the freshest ingredients.

Americans love australians

They should have no identity and no recognition. We are a small nation, but on this issue we really punch above our weight! And America, the people running the camp should be from the private sector. But why should we be surprised by that? So according to this, Australia is full of crime lord-stopping boomerangs, eccentric crocodile poachers, boys trying to become men with rugged wilderness spirit, and talking clown fish. Straight away you are met with a variety of channels, all without paying another cent. American impressions of Australia are overwhelmingly the residue of images from American pop culture. As for the camps, no one is ever allowed to film in there, OK? On Tuesday morning, as the Obama delegation were en route to Canberra to announce plans for a sustained US military presence in the quote-unquote frontier town of Darwin, the New York Times devoted exactly one phrase to the mission. Places that are almost guaranteed to send their inhabitants mad. Aussies are super friendly, down-to-earth and never in a rush. Americans, feel free to borrow it: Your president even expressed shock at our brutality. Only three people out of more than a hundred informally polled in and around New York City on Tuesday was aware of the presidential visit. Trump's cruel border policies created a needless crisis. Yet for most, the prospect seemed as realistic as a Contiki Cruise to Mars. While Australians may have a moan about the national health care system, to Americans it is nothing short of an incredible gift. Since September we have been imprisoning children indefinitely with their families and making conditions so bad in offshore centres that children as young as 10 attempt suicide. Think Attunga, Caboolture, Goondiwindi and Dumbleyung. Watching TV in Australia is as simple as buying a television and plugging it in. Identical malls sell identical wares and serve identical foods from identically inferior cafes and restaurants. The kangaroos are pretty cool too, and unlike any other creature on earth. Julia Gillard or no Julia Gillard, Australia is still seen as a place where women glow and men are bad-asses. And once out of the airport? It may take just 15 hours to get from Los Angeles to Sydney, but to an American, this is generally deemed as forever. First things first, they struggle with the time it takes to get here. And you have to threaten anyone who works with these people — say any doctors or aid workers — with jail, with a loss of their livelihood if they speak out against how the kids are treated.

Americans love australians

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Think Attunga, Caboolture, Goondiwindi and Dumbleyung.

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