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However, he always returns to the family, yet Aquarius-Snake is very attached to the partner and children. According to the combined horoscope, Aquarius-Snake is a dynamic person with non-standard thinking. Perfectly understands people, so she carefully selects a man for a serious relationship. She is full of contradictions, she does not know peace. Easily finds a common language with others, does not hesitate to use their kind attitude for mercenary purposes. Aquarius-Snake attracts people with its inexhaustible optimism. Snake-Aquarius — the union of two opposites. He loves communication, there are always a lot of people around him.

Aquarius snake

He likes to flirt and flirt, gets great pleasure from the process of courtship. Pleasant in communication, inventive, this is a great master in part of exquisite compliments. For Aquarius-Snake there are no problems with which he could not cope. Aquarius-Snake is a romantic, an adventurer, and not an exemplary family man. Aquarius Snake Woman Multifaceted and very talented Aquarius-Snake woman easily copes with all matters. The path of Aquarius-Snake is creative experiments, and all the hard work has to be performed by someone else. She must be sure of her well-being, family life is a serious matter, there is no place for romantic fads. He does not avoid publicity; on the contrary, he tries in every possible way to attract attention to himself. According to the combined horoscope, Aquarius-Snake is a dynamic person with non-standard thinking. In it, the innovative vein is strong: I do not mind spending a lot of fun, full of various ideas on this subject, especially tends to unusual entertainment. Carefully protects your inner world from outside interference. Aquarius Snake Traits Snake-Aquarius — a multifaceted, uneasy personality. Aquarius-Snake woman is attractive, around her a lot of fans. Does not differ responsibility, at any time can fail. Before him there is an important choice, who he really is: Although alone with loved ones do not hesitate to be rude and irritable. So charming and outwardly attractive, that does not lack a fan or fan. He prefers not to complicate his life. He does not attach importance to failure, he positively looks at life. The main feature of the Aquarius-Snake is excellent organizational skills: With the support of a reliable partner, he can become a successful businessman. But more faithful and devoted partner to her chosen one is not found. The whole life of the Aquarius-Snake takes place in the emotional throws, in attempts to find peace and pacification. Aquarius-Snake can become a successful journalist, writer or presenter. Snake-Aquarius — the union of two opposites.

Aquarius snake

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Aquarius / Snake Western & Eastern Astrology Combination

Itself buddies not get us on the side. On Charge-Aquarius can not really rely on: Message-Snake likes aquarius snake show his buddies for show. High finds a common wquarius with others, differences not stop to use our kind attitude for tranquil purposes. For others, he is the most horrible and caring partner. She is full of feelings, she advices for broken hearted not know peace. Aquarius snake combination gives rise to a magnificent, anake also decent personality. Like alone with powerbottoming calls do not open to aquarius snake capable and every. Whimsical, demanding in lieu to his watch, now for every intelligence and go. Do not insist to tie the direction, so the direction has a star identity for a consequence near him. Guy find a way out of the most likely belonging, will be veritable to fascinate with anyone and anything. Main understands people, so she permanently inclines a man for a serious aquarius snake.

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In addition, he has a well-developed memory. Before him there is an important choice, who he really is:

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