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As the Cardinal Fire sign Aries has a particular daredevil streak — feisty! You can definitely play around with different pairings of colors based on your skin tone, but remember to make sure that the underlying pigments undertones in each are the same. For her eyes, the best choice is black, even for blondes, with gray or brown a close second. The zodiac birthstone for this sign is definitely the diamond — great under pressure, found in rough spots and very, very precious! Break out those unexpected colors and get creative!

Aries makeup

Worn separately or together, they are the most flattering jewelry for her strong beauty. This will help to keep the look feeling sophisticated and never costumey. She appreciates makeup but does not have time to play with it. In Aries—mode your beauty is enhanced when you work up a sweat. She loves the sun and tans easily, which is fortunate, since the impatient Aries is not one to bother with suntan lotion. The zodiac birthstone for this sign is definitely the diamond — great under pressure, found in rough spots and very, very precious! Too much slap is definitely overkill on your natural beauty Aries, less is more… 2. The Makeup Look For Aries: Thick copper necklaces in particular look superb on her long slender neck, enhancing the bold sensuality of this fire sign. Follow us on Pinterest for more gorgeous zodiac beauty inspo. Browsing through beauty shops is not a favorite pastime of this energetic sign—she can be seen rushing into a store with a nearly finished product, buying the same thing, and rushing out again. There should be little or no shine in the shadow, and the color should be quite deep to help balance the size of the eyes with that of the mouth. Get in the ring and work out some aggression with a true Arian sport: All shades of beige, pale or muted dark pinks, and clear or colored lip gloss are complimentary to her makeup colors and her style. The bloodstone, the diamond, and all metals of a reddish hue, especially copper, are ruled by Aries. Red can even be used on the eyes, as an alternative to her usual neutral shades. In a similar way, she rarely experiments with color and stays with the same makeup over a long period of time. Embrace Your Baby Face! Light, Lavender Cat Eye: Break out those unexpected colors and get creative! Aries rules the head and has a particularly prominent forehead and often striking eyebrows! Since Aries is such a forceful, modem personality, however, she can keep the same look forever and never appear dated. Black or brown liner applied right next to the lashes will also enlarge the eyes, especially if they are dark. The Aries forehead can be flat and low; high prominent cheekbones form the widest part of this flat-planed face. Aye, Those Brows… Make the most of your brows with a strong look. Aries Beauty Profile This particular zodiac sets a fiery tone for these babes who are known to lead the way with their boisterous, go-getting demeanor. In profile, the nose quite often has a slight bump just beneath the bridge.

Aries makeup

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If you want to go for a look like this Aries-inspired one, just remember to have fun with it!

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