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Senate in next month's election. California officials said the site collects fees from users who use coded language and nearly nude photos to offer sex for money. Ferrer, 55, was arrested on a California warrant after arriving Thursday in Houston on a flight from Amsterdam. One of the advertisers, identified only as year-old "E. It says Ferrer expanded Backpage.

Backpage castaic ca

We maintain hope for a more robust and unbowed Internet in the future. In a separate statement, Lacey and Larkin congratulated their efforts to augment law that protects online speech and privacy rights, and recounted their years of legal battles, including the recent prosecution attempt by Harris. It says Ferrer expanded Backpage. The congressional investigation report states that Larkin and Lackey retain "significant financial and operational control over Backpage. A new set of charges was filed in late December, accusing the trio of laundering earnings from escorts as well as pimping children and adult women. The Senate panel issued the report after an acrimonious investigation. A Sacramento County judge cited the law in December when he tossed out pimping charges filed against Lacey, Larkin and Ferrer by former state Atty. The charges against Ferrer could bring him nearly 22 years in prison, while Larkin and Lacey face a maximum six years. It was to shut down their site. The website also said that the end of its adult ads section would do little to end human trafficking. Under California's law, felony pimping is defined as making money off prostitutes or soliciting customers for prostitution. One of the advertisers, identified only as year-old "E. The criminal complaint includes allegations that five minors, three of them including "E. Lois Lee, founder of Children of the Night, a Van Nuys-based nonprofit that rescues children from sex work, credited Backpage with helping detectives locate missing or exploited children and ultimately prosecute pimps. California Attorney General Kamala Harris said that Ferrer was arrested on felony charges of pimping a minor, pimping, and conspiracy to commit pimping. According to the report, the moderator testified under oath: Paxton announced that Ferrer had been arrested Thursday, Oct. Washington state assistant attorney general Jonathan Mark walks past a display of a Backpage. Authorities also issued warrants for the arrest of the site's controlling shareholders, Michael Lacey, 68, and James Larkin, Senate in next month's election. We get it," the men said in their statement. California authorities said the state's three-year investigation found many of the ads include victims of sex trafficking including children under the age of To keep problematic ads online, the company edited them. She used other online advertising services until they were shut down, the court filing says, when she turned to Backpage. The Senate committee's review of the company documents, totaling more than 1.

Backpage castaic ca

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Washington state assistant attorney general Jonathan Mark walks past a display of a Backpage.

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