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No, all floats and armbands will be provided Where do I go on the first day of the lessons? If you need to speak to your childs teacher we ask that you leave your name and contact number at reception and a member of the teaching team will contact you as soon as possible. Yes, if you are 12 years of age or above. What happens if I need to speak to my childs teacher? I have a medical condition can I use the fitness suite?

Banbridge gym

An individual exercise programme. This means you need to complete a Medical Questionnire M. However you require a medical questionniare signed by your legal guardian and an induction is required. This takes place at the end of the lessons in preparation for the next block of lessons. What service are offered with every IEP? No if you want one this is included with your gym visit. Does my child need to have goggles for the lessons? Booking may be required to avail of these services I am under 16 can I still use the fitness suite? Bring them down to changing rooms get them changed and wait at the entrance of the swimming pool before sending them to their teacher no earlier than 5 minutes before start time. Of course you can have a wide range of accessible equipment and an instructor will be more than happy to help you get the most form it. Q and hand to our fitness staff. Sports specific training advice. Yes, if you are 12 years of age or above. All we ask is that our users are registered. What happens if I need to speak to my childs teacher? Do I need an induction to use the fintess suite? You may need a letter from your G. Please speak to a member of fitness staff for more informaion. No, paper towels are provided but we would prefer if you brought a towel, anti-bacterial spray is provided. Do I need to be in the water or stay with my child during their lesson? I am disabled can i use the fitness suite? Goggles are not compulsery but if you think it would benefit your child then it would be advisable, goggles can be purcheed from main reception. In other circumstances please consult a doctor before starting to exericse. Click on relevant question below to reveal the answer. Answers to commonly asked questions. Not necessarily, your child will move depending on their progression and ability.

Banbridge gym

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I am pregnant can I use the fitness suite?

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