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Why do you think your work stands out from the rest? A sexy model with well-trained body, tanned skin and obviously still in summer mood while trying to find his way back into the more serious surrounding of work or study. Can you explain where you fascination for male physique come from? How do you choose the right guy for the photo or do you choose the right photo for the guy? BeautifulMag spoke to him. But there are also situations in which I meet interesting personalities and in that moment I know what I will shoot with him or her. Not only naked people but also to unhide the human internality.


For his shoot with Kevin Matthew choose a beautiful rich library as setting. Also known as High Tatra, the mountain range is the highest in the Carpathian Mountain and, together with its surrounding landscape, famous for its impressive natural beauty in both flora and fauna. Doing that allows him to travel, meet people and find inspiration. I was gifted with optimism and bellicosity, so my target, my destination is clear. The selection had to be balanced and I had to resubmit which was absolutely not acceptable. It is an immediate reaction. Sakura stepped beside him and shot him a look of concern thinking that he might have stopped midstep because he was feeling nauseous again. Over the years Gert has brought us many models, both Dutch and international in various stages of undress and just as many poses and locations. I have no great idols. It was my father who was an active photographer and who inspired me. His photographs of beauties such as Eva Longoria, Leighton Meister and Anna Lynne McCord have graced the covers and pages of magazines internationally. Eric comes from Madrid where he works as model and fitness instructor but can often be found in Ibiza and the United States where he also works as stripper. The other point of view, is my fascination by male physique as a gay man. Can you tell us a bit about your Dream Scape images. This is for good yeah? Not two seconds ago we were laughing about marriage quirks! Heaving a sigh, Sakura shooed Kakashi off her lap. It sets the perfect tone for an end of the summer editorial. Peter Zvonar's work is often described described as human photo stories. And it was with a heavy heart that Sakura decided to let this slide off her back. This is the reason why my selection is strong-minded. What can we look forward to seeing from you in the near future? And so does model Kevin Triguero. Mainly because I am to spicy for them. Originally posted by spacetalin Bets KakaSaku Month, Week 2 A03 FFN Kakashi, as Sakura had discovered one fateful, rainy night sometime after she had turned 16 and joined her sensei for a celebratory drink, was a goofy drunk. Especially if we are talking about High and Low Tatras. It gave her hope and satisfaction when he went awry around her, made her believe that one day, slowly but surely, his resolve would break.


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For me individuality is important, the human being behind the mode.

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