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They also leave out a bottle of red wine and in the fridge some flasks of white wine. The breakfasts were the bomb on both mornings. The breakfast is the bomb diggity. They have a nice pond area to sit out back as well. My new husband and I spent our honeymoon at the magnolia house and it was amazing. The wine and cookies in the afternoon was wonderful treat.

Bed and breakfast in san angelo tx

The breakfast was really very good! They even have a selection of books and DVDs to relax after a busy day. Maybe that's what made me fall in love with Magnolia House? They are awesome and so hospitable! We were glad we were upstairs - it was quiet and we had a private bathroom some other rooms have baths across the hall but they're still for you only. The breakfast is the bomb diggity. I hope you remember us when you read this review!! Fredericksburg is a great place to visit and the Magnolia House is the place to stay. We talk about this weekend all the time! The breakfasts they make are fantastic too. Thank you Lisa for a great weekend Fred and Nanette My wife and I stayed here for two nights and had a lovely time. That also came with two slices of french toast and a ham cup with an egg and mushrooms. Lisa was not there so I wished we could have met her. She walked over and walked us through the house to show us where everything was, how to work the shower which was different faucet then I've ever seen before and let us know a little history about the house. The first morning we had honey dew melon slices with black berries and a coffee crumb cake. Lisa and Claude were great hosts. Maybe it's the free wine? We totally recommend Magnolia House will be back! Everything was clean and nice. All of the room appointments are first class. When my wife and I come back to Fredericksburg we will definitely be coming back to stay at the Magnolia house. Claude is in charge of the food and puts on a spectacular breakfast every day. Many thoughtful details and advice on wineries and restaurants. We can't wait to visit again. The hospitality was awesome, and the gourmet breakfasts were delicious.

Bed and breakfast in san angelo tx

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They are also a great source of information on the local restaurant and activities. There is not a place in Fredericksburg that compares.

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