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Cancer and Taurus will comfort and nurture each other, and take joy in doing so, giving each other the stability, familiarity, and love that they both so desperately desire. Taurus and Libra This is not an ideal pairing, but it does have some positive aspects. While both signs need to feel love, particularly Taurus, Capricorn can give Taurus the cold shoulder from time to time—a move that makes Taurus feel like his love is not being reciprocated. Astrological Nightmare Relationships for Taurus By and large, Taurus struggles most with fire signs and air signs. Being the exact opposites of each other astrologically speaking, this couple will fascinate each other to no end.

Best matches for taurus man

Finding love and making it last all depends on how far any Taurus is willing to go to make a relationship work. Taurus and Cancer This pairing holds great capacity for compatibility. Cancer and Taurus will comfort and nurture each other, and take joy in doing so, giving each other the stability, familiarity, and love that they both so desperately desire. And there you have it, the 5 most compatible signs for a Taurus man. Pisces not only returns the affection of the Taurus, but embraces his willingness to protect her from harm, and provide her with a safe environment in which her daydreams can thrive. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Capricorn Capricorn and Taurus, two strong earth signs, can give the appearances of being an ideal match for each other, and indeed, they are very compatible pairing. Please keep in mind though that people are much more than just their sun sign. These star signs compatibility ratings are purely for entertainment — always remember that astrology compatibility is more complicated than Sun sign matches or mismatches. Although Geminis can be quite witty and attractive, they have a tendency toward being capricious and, frankly, reckless when it comes to matters of love. Plus, you get my free guide to his 30 dirty little secrets. Are you not one of the signs mentioned in the list of above, but still want tips on how to pursue a Taurus man? It may come as no surprise that like attracts like here. As you can see, a love match for Taurus can be found with many zodiac signs, although compatibility varies. This creates billions of permutations making each Taurus slightly different. Do you feel ready to settle down with your Taurus man, but not sure how your sign stacks up? These two signs are both incredibly loyal, and will work together to create a peaceful living environment free of any unexpected disruptions. Taurus' possessiveness is bound to rattle Aquarius' love of freedom. Terrific Compatibility with Taurus The signs which enjoy best compatibility with Taurus tend to be earth signs with some reservations and water signs. Compromise is the name of the game here. May the stars be in your favor! This can result in a strong relationship if both are willing to give and take. There are other planets which also affect someone's personality. If you want to know how Taurus man and Taurus woman match in the bedroom this is for you. In relationship astrology, compatibility is primarily based on the elements of the signs in question.

Best matches for taurus man

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Taurus and Sagittarius This relationship is filled with compliments and conflicts.

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