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Still unsure how to keep your urine warm? Just be warned that cutting the tube too short can cause problems. All because they didn't pay attention to the temperature of the sample that they have given. Keeping warm the urine you want to use at a constant temperature that replicates the human body is a really tough task. Normally a user will begin with one pouch, but there are some who swear by using two hand warmers at the same time. What exactly is the temperature of urine when it leaves the body?

Best way to keep pee warm for a drug test

If the tube is too long, it can be trimmed with a pair of sharp scissors. Does it need to be exactly around that temperature when you pass the sample? If you follow instructions, your fake pee will be just right temperature to pass the test. Normally a user will begin with one pouch, but there are some who swear by using two hand warmers at the same time. If you're also worried you can use those hot hands people use in their gloves in the winter time. Return home and microwave it to the appropriate temperature. There are things that you can do to be sure the pee temperature is at the desired reading. These kits have helpful instructions, and the users have followed the directions carefully. We humans are great at keeping things hot or cold, but natural body temp or warmth falls into that awkward in-between area that is very difficult to maintain. It's the temperature of real human urine when it leaves the body so if the artificial piss you're using is not within those temperature when you submit it then it will be flagged as "fake pee". Microwave the pee for no more than 10 seconds at a time — even use a low setting on the microwave if you have that option. Some people try to microwave water and use water to wrap around their synthetic urine kit and keep it warm. What you do is you get a synthetic urine product that, you know, was created for the specific purpose of passing a drug test. I would try to put it in a cooler immediately. Still unsure how to keep your urine warm? If you have access to one of these hand warmers, you can follow the exact steps as shown above, but strap the hand warmer to you along with the sample, which will give you a longer period of time at the right temperature. The heater packs are made with chemicals, and when the chemicals are mixed, it causes a heat reaction. Hand warmers are not expensive and will do the trick that a heating pad will do. When you are preparing for the test, there are certain things you should do. That's my opinion though, I hope it works out for you. But, you will need a microwave to do so before the test. There is a lot of misleading information out there when it comes to keeping pee warm for urinalysis or lab tests, but in reality, you probably have all the tools you need already at home. Our Best Synthetic Urine Choice: Welcome to this video. Although Quick Fix is not free, it is your best chance of getting through the test without any troubles as it warms up easier and stays warm for longer, giving you the best opportunity to test negative for your urine exam. That means it is automatically rejected. Both are natural looking strap-ons and devices that will help you mask what you are about to do in a way that it will never be detected.

Best way to keep pee warm for a drug test

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How to pass drug test 100% works

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When the urine bag is worn with the adjustable belt, it is important to remember that the tubing needs to be facing down.

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