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But not this place! The wait staff gives you a piece of paper to turn over to let them know that you're done destroying the buffet. Mostly asian items with a few American items thrown in to round out the mix of offerings. Not much I liked of the selection of food. Claim this business to view business statistics, receive messages from prospective customers, and respond to reviews. The food, though vast in selection, very much average to slightly below average- and that is comparing it to other buffets because really, you can't compare this place to Hong Kong Noodle or Shuang Cheng. Didn't realize how big this place was. There was a really outgoing Koi in the way out trying to jump out. The dumplings were surprisingly good with a nice crisp and good sauce.


I used to frequent here with my family and friends all the time. They say variety is the spice of life, right? Well, if you're hankering for some mac and cheese, to go with your sushi, cream cheese wontons, and vanilla ice cream this mayyyy be the place you're looking for. Decent selection and sushi. I think the woman was just trying to make us leave because we were eating so much food. Going downhill in my opinion in quality. Stopped in for lunch and was very impressed with the lunch prices. Food is not even fresh I doubt my dog would even eat this. The food was average. In a nutshell, there is promise here. Plenty to choose from even if you are not a big "Chinese" food fan. Decent price for lunch. The food, though vast in selection, very much average to slightly below average- and that is comparing it to other buffets because really, you can't compare this place to Hong Kong Noodle or Shuang Cheng. They need to start accepting mobile coupons, it's for goodness sake. They did a great job of keeping the hot bar,cold bar and dessert bars wiped down and cleaned up messes right away. The salad bar is bomb. Yeah, they only had like 5 dim sum dishes: Bad food taste old not much sushi soap taste like it from yesterday I'm sorry 2 star This place has gone down hill fast, greasy flavorless food, no fresh veggies everything fried to death!! Needs a bit of updating outside but all and all service and food quality were good Large selection. Good luck washing down that cold, mushy sesame chicken with melted ice at the bottom of your glass because you'll only see that person once or twice - probably when your mouth is full of "Chinese food". The foods are good, I haven't found any inedible foreign object in any of our foods in a while , so it's ok SOMEWHAT only thing I would have a bit to fuss about is , seeing fruit flies over by the fruits , and who knows where they have also landed.. Oh and the reason why we came here in the first place: Over time though, however, while the prices have gone up, the food quality has gone down. I would honestly show fewer items and do it well. They didn't have my beloved chicken feet and were out of dumplings the entire time we were there.


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15.05.2018 at 10:12 pm

This location has 4 mobile hot bars, wall length hot bars that extend the wall over halfway through the restaurant and a full salad bar with a dessert bar!

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