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All of the front desk ladies are wonderful, too, and at least one of them knows me by name without having to look, which is pretty exciting for me because I know they must see a million faces a day. I only come here for my waxing needs. They did not do anything very productive. I've been a Bombshell customer since ? I will for sure be booking my waxes from here on out and they have a ton of other locations too! She's just the best.

Bombshell midlothian va

I will report back. I so highly recommend BombShell. I'm always very clear in saying "this is for both services, right? I'd heard such praise about the results of sugaring, but I'm not willing to go through how it feels just to have a result that's practically the same as a good wax. She whipped my brows into shape and my whole face looked better! Let me say, all the reviews about her are true. They use a wax that smells like chocolate and I have no reaction to it! Great place to get "manscaping" done as a guy, one of the only places in RVA that offers it! I asked some questions about the waxing club and they answered all of them! They use a wax that doesn't need fabric strips and in my opinion it is much less painful, if not painless, compared to other waxes. Also, the WiFi is fast there whenever I go in, so I usually set my phone to update all my apps while I'm in my appointment and it breezes right through them all. Pricing for waxing was on par with other places for the most part, and Kat did an excellent job. Well he blocked me first, I already love myself, so only my brows were left. I get that they want to limit no shows, but sometimes life happens and things are unavoidable. I'm here to say that I would return as I adore bombshell, but probably not to that location I have been going there for 3 years and I love this place! Last night I went to the Commonwealth location and had an underarm wax which I haven't had in over a year. She's just the best. One of my brows is sparse, but she took her time balancing them so that the sparse one comes in even. They even give you an exfoliating glove and lollipop as you leave! I can't say enough good things about this location and Riley. If you need to worry about your brows and peach fuzz, please go see Sandra! I've had an appointment or two with Gina, too, and she's a sweetheart, but I think she's only there one day out of the week Wednesday? After completing my wax my underarms were really sensitive naturally I thought that I was maybe having a reaction to the wax as I have sensitive skin. I'm always recommending people to go here. Twice in the past three months I've shown up at my appointment time to be told they had only booked me for one service instead of both.

Bombshell midlothian va

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