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Watch out for the IT Nazis monitoring your usage So we have decided to make it a FREE football pool if you have just 1 to 5 players. Once you find out whether, hopefully, the program meets your needs, after that it's 50 cents per player, or even cheaper if you take advantage of our yearly "early bird special". They can do it at their leisure right from home or Everyone has all these fancy NFL score listings, it's hard to get a simple dump of the NFL scores, spreads, and matchups!


We'd rather get right to business. I bet we can accomodate you! Your test is complete. If I can modify the program easily enough, it's possible that I can add your requested enhancements. Your football pool is enjoyable even when there is no financial gain or risk. This forum isn't that great, I need a better one, but this is a quicky I set up for now: Payments will not be due until the 3rd week of football season! It is your responsibility to determine that your pool is legal in the jurisdictions of every participant. But it does not have to be a gamble for money - there are other games such as roulette where you can satisfy your gambling itch by betting on numbers or colors. If you are looking for a football pool to join, or you are a game runner and need new members, I have now set up a forum. You've got to get the games and point spreads out of the paper, type in the games, print out the pick sheets, collect them, get the scores each week, calculate who won, and keep statistics! Everyone has all these fancy NFL score listings, it's hard to get a simple dump of the NFL scores, spreads, and matchups! Luckily in our football pool you can get a simple table listing of all the NFL scores and spreads for any week here: I've got the basic football pool set up, like the one I ran for years at Goodyear. People want to bet and they want to play Texas Hold'em, but they want it to be easy. The sooner the better though, so as not to take any chance of interruption of service. I am open to modifications and improvements to the system. The players enter their own picks. Contact me at craigh01 gmail. The only exception is that we will be having some graphics in certain reports so they look nicer when you print them out. Castle64 and Pokersites can help with both. Football pools are loads of fun and you can either play in them for free - or throw in a bit money to make it more interesting. We support regular pick-alls, point spreads or no point spreads , bonus points for picking the underdog, survivor pools, confidence pools, "best bet" which is kind of a special type of confidence pool , "pick 5": We specialize in custom requirements. We also have a "points pool" where your players start out with a certain number of "points", and they can "bet" a certain amount of points on games. Just being able to outsmart your friends, co-workers etc by making the best predictions makes it all worthwhile. It's basically a betting hub with useful tools to centralise your betting needs.


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You can bring in ALL the college games, or just pick a subset of the games - maybe the top teams plus a few smaller teams your players are interested in. If you are starting after the beginning of the regular season, you can use the Update Players option from the Game Runner Menu to set the beginning total points for each player in your pool Email me at craigh01 gmail.

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