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Can the orange tabby, Witney, solve the mystery and earn the respect of his crewmates in the bargain? New better cover art by Baron Engel! Flight of the Star Phoenix is a new storyline set in the Chakat Universe that follows the adventures of Martin Yote and his crew as they face the challenges of a small commercial shipping company, and in doing so, find themselves a place to belong. The book is 6" x 9", has pages, and contains 23 pieces of full colour art by Kat Miller. Here you will find stories, information, and art about that wonderful furry race: Follow the story of a foxtaur vixen and a human male as their lives entwine. Street festivities in Hyderabad, India , during the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi. Firstly "The Wish" and its sequel, "Second Chance". A lot of hard work has been put into creating these stories and books, and a lot of my money invested in the art for them.


Follow highlights of her life from a newborn foal to a young adult, and discover her very unusual destiny. An unusual slave fennec morph must learn what it means to be a free person, but there are many who are more than willing to help hir achieve hir full potential. After a journey of years, what they would find would both amaze and terrify them. Hybrids often originate as zoomorphic deities who, over time, are given an anthropomorphic aspect. Examples of humans with animal heads theriocephaly in the ancient Egyptian pantheon include jackal-headed Anubis , cobra-headed Amunet , lion-headed Sekhmet , falcon-headed Horus , etc. Wraparound cover art by Heather Bruton. What did you like about the stories? The angel human with birds' wings, see winged genie the mermaid part human part fish, see Enki , Atargatis , Apkallu and the Shedu all trace their origins to Assyro-Babylonian art. This novel is set far in the future after Quantum Gallop. This will give you a fairly detailed factual overview of their physical and mental nature, plus a brief historical background. Non-human hybrids also appear in ancient Egyptian iconography as in Ammit combining the crocodile , the lion , and the hippopotamus. Come over to the Chakat Heaven Yahoo group for these, news, or just to socialise with other chakat fans. The range of subjects and styles means that there's something for everyone. There are also articles on foxtaurs , skunktaurs , alien species , the planet Chakona , and much more! However, of greater importance to them were their children. Away from the events of the main Forest Tales storyline, important and exciting events are happening. This novel is the first in the Chrysalis Resurgent Trilogy. Little do they know that the fate of Equestria itself might rest with them and their ability to appreciate A Different Perspective. The book is 6" x 9", has pages, and contains 16 pieces of full colour art by Kat Miller. Follow the story of a foxtaur vixen and a human male as their lives entwine. It collects all the short stories based on the tales told by or to Chakat Forestwalker, and some of the stories based in their future. There's also The Chakat Universe which features other stories set in the C. But that's just the first half of the book! Will this odd mixture of ponies, griffons, dragon, and changelings rise to the challenge? In the second half, for the first time, you can read all the facts and history of the Chakat Universe, including the original Introduction To Chakats and the Lonely Stellar Guide to Chakona.


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Arto Tuncboyaciyan & Eva Voskanyan, Chakat - The Voice Of Armenia - Live Show 2 - Season 1

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