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The following verse describes my motive in putting in taking a stand and putting this information on the web: It was at this point that I realized I had a clear-cut decision: This was a real treat because not only could I cross-dress, but I could do it right at church! I'm a Christian, too, friend, so first off I welcome you in the name of Christ. The Bible also speaks to the issue that some things are permissible, but not all things are expedient. How do we know that men's and women's underpants didn't start out looking the same? Even many of the Christians who had testimonies on the Internet told of how they knew that it was all right to cross-dress - to them it was not a sin, but something fun to do. Who dictates what 'men's' and 'women's' stuff is, anyway?

Christian crossdressers

Stephen assured me that Jesus was not a cross-dresser and that if Jesus is our model, then we should pattern our lives after Him. Finally, and most importantly, God loves you with an everlasting love. The Spiritual Warfare We were happy in our church at the time, but on the day of our 19th wedding anniversary, the Lord impressed both my wife and I that we should move on. The issues of crossdressing and gender dysphoria surely have caused most of us great pain, anguish, and frustration in our private, public, and spiritual lives. I would look for any occasion to cross-dress, especially Halloween. I was truly deceived. Does He care more about the letter of the law, or the spirit of the law? Every time I would do it, I would feel shame. It took about two months before the voices in my head started to die down. Bottom line, though, and I hope you never lose sight of this, is that God created you and is wild about you. Eventually, I got to the point where I just decided to "white knuckle" it and quit cross-dressing. The more I talked about this with my wife, the more deliverance I received. This gender confusion can cause many kinds of relationship problems. After my initial visit with Stephen, I started meeting on a monthly basis with a female counselor - Kim Gately. For example, would you feel at ease dressing up and attending church "en femme? Then, the Lord engineered what I believe to be an incredible set of circumstances. I would even fantasize that my wife would go along with and accept my behavior. Also, look down the path to see where cross-dressing leads. So, we can reason that some common sense and judgment is needed to make the call. I also explained that the battle at that point was mainly in my mind and that I had never been unfaithful to her. But when I have not distinguished the two issues within an individual post, it is because my arguments against both issues are largely the same arguments and many posts apply to both issues equally. Don't let your guilt cause you to engage in self-sabotaging acts. The Bible Yes, I know this one may be obvious, but it is really the foundational truth upon which all else is based. It does not mean we are free to sin because God will forgive us anyway; to believe that is to make a mockery of Christ's sacrifice. Someone else will surely step in, though. I love ties but I've never worn one. Or would He rather have us a little scruffy and ragged and yet with big hearts of love, trust, joy, peace, compassion?

Christian crossdressers

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Crossdressing in Public

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Do you think God is more concerned about the clothes on your body, or whether you help clothe the poor? You will find differing opinions on this, many of which are constructed by Christians and non-Christians who wish to justify cross-dressing as a harmless activity.

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