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The thought is fantastic. I look at someone's profile and it doesn't show me any of their info except for short answers. The Community sections hosts testimonials, a blog, dating tips, prayers, and community forums. The app is non-functional and looks like it was designed for the iPhone3. Not trying to be rude, just being honest. The design is the most poorly executed dating app out there. I was optimistic about this one- trying to find a Christian professional who loves the Lord impossible task.

Christiancafe com

Their business model isn't very good. The app is non-functional and looks like it was designed for the iPhone3. On this app, you want to KNOW the last time a person logged on before you get your hopes up. You can refine results to show all males or females online, anyone in your region online, or males or females in your region online. The Christian Cafe iOS app holds a 2. From dropdown profile answer choices to an entire prayers section, the site makes faith a primary feature of its platform. They continually offer free 7-day trials to get you hooked, but when I use the site during my trial, most women haven't used the site in weeks or months. The quickest and easiest route to meet others is by using QuickMatch, which is a service that automatically matches you with others based on your age, type of relationship you are looking for, faith, and location. Not trying to be rude, just being honest. The app itself is weak. The site primarily uses your profile information to find suitable matches and provides a calculated percentage of how well you match with any user suggested. Overall the dating platform is well designed and easy to use. Once basic profile information is completed, you may log in and at any time choose to fill out additional profile information, which consists of open-ended questions about your faith, personality, personal goals, and more. IN-DEPTH Sign-Up Process You can get up and running on Christian Cafe through their free day trial by entering some basic information, such as your email, location, sexual orientation, and age, and selecting a username. That's the biggest problem with this site Why are Christian things so poorly designed? Search results may be sorted by percentage match, photo, username, gender, age, location, or last viewed. Secondly, it's so hard to navigate, the app is totally lacking and often crashes. Hasn't been updated since These people will go out of their way to tell you if they don't agree with something in your bio. From each topic you can comment on discussion posts, start a new discussion, and, most relevantly, jump to the profile of other individuals who have made posts. The Community sections hosts testimonials, a blog, dating tips, prayers, and community forums. It really turned me off, I'm not looking for drama, I'm looking for a relationship. No matter which route you take, your primary means of making contact with others will be through direct emails. By that time, YOUR free trial will have expired. Lastly, the community is full of people who just want to give you a history lesson. I'm a Christian who is respectful non-judge mental but very strongly rooted in my views.

Christiancafe com

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Not trying to be rude, just being honest.

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