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From comic books and animated series to live-action movies, not one imagination is ever quite the same. This couple certainly had the most elegant pose of any pair I came across. While you always see plenty of girls dressed as Leeloo from the Fifth Element, you generally don't see them wearing this iconic outfit -for obvious reasons. It's always great when you get to see cosplayers grouped up together, whether the meetings reflect relationships the characters would actually have or ones that are just completely bizarre. If these fifty photos didn't yet satiate your appetite for Comic Con cosplay, I have even more great pictures from the convention and a contest for those who can name the unknown characters over at my site, Rue the Day.

Comic con couples costume ideas

Just outside the contest was this lazy Batman. An interesting fact about the Domo costume: While — unsurprisingly, given his name — Logan almost always cosplays as Wolverine, Joey likes to shake things up. Smurfs make a great theme for fancy dress parties,fantastic cosplay for couples. Here's another costume I couldn't put a name to. Let us know in the comments! You can also enjoy Neatorama's coverage from , and or Rue the Day's galleries from , , and For those that aren't comfortable showing so much skin or, in fact, any skin , this Predator costume would make a great alternative. And we also have the more recent collection of costumes spotted at this year's WonderCon. Perhaps the most common costume at the convention was the Joker. I took the photo of Faye Valentine and then immediately, the next cosplayer I came across was this cute little Eddie. Either way, this picture couldn't have been more adorable if I planned it. Sharing the image, she wrote: The pins through the Voodoo Doll will leave a haunting impression when these two show up. This was by far the best couple's costume I saw all weekend. I promised this gentleman I would link to his site to help him find this gallery, so here goes. Imagine how much more awesome baseball would be if everyone wore these jumping stilts from Portal. Arthur and The Tick are another great choice when it comes to more unique Comic Con costumes. Which of these couples cosplays is your favorite? Tim Burton would be proud to see how many Alice cosplayers choose to dress like his version of the story rather than the classic Disney version. Speaking of cute costumes for kids, just check out this fantastic version of Nyan Cat! King, on the other hand, dabbles with other characters occasionally. Unfortunately, it was impossible to track down the mutant-mimicking individuals but fans can get a good look at their fantastic ensembles from Megacon thanks to photographer First Person Shooter. I was particularly fond of this woman's clockwork zombie look. Shawn has cosplayed as Spider-Man and Superman.

Comic con couples costume ideas

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