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Click here to start free psychic chat More Compatibility for Pisces: Relationships with Aquarius men: Comparing sun signs can give a good general idea of compatibility. But nothing is written in stone. Unconventional and free-spirited Aquarius has little in common with traditional Taurus, who craves commitment and security. Passions quickly fizzle out with any talk of making this fling legit. Aquarians are idealists and humanitarians, characteristics that serve them well in their professional life.

Compatible to aquarius

Aquarius is fixed, which means being uneager or slow to change, sort of conservative in a fashion. There has to be a discovery of one another, and it has to be interesting. Unconventional and free-spirited Aquarius has little in common with traditional Taurus, who craves commitment and security. Aquarius January 20 — February 18 When an Aquarian woman gets together with an Aquarius man the relationship is almost always doomed to fall within the friend zone. You share a fear of commitment and a devotion to humanitarianism, but have far different emotional climates. Scorpio October 23 — November 21 The intense and ambitious Scorpio man is not a good partner for the free-spirited Aquarian. There are other planets which also affect someone's personality. Although polar opposites in many respects, both signs love the limelight and can often compete for attention. Both want the other to conform. However, this unlikely duo can make a great professional pairing, thanks to a shared competitive nature and unparalleled work ethic. As an Earth sign, Virgo is introverted and judgmental, while the Aquarius woman is a social butterfly. This relationship is motivated by thought and feeling, respectively. This duo creates a complementary relationship deep in intellectual and emotional resources. They are much more apt to adapt. The Crab is the opposite of your unconventional nature and yearns for affection, which makes the Aquarius woman feel trapped. The least compatible signs with Aquarius are generally considered to be Taurus and Scorpio. Whenever Aquarius comes up with a new idea — as they so often do — Pisces is eager to understand it on an intuitive level. If you can find a way around this, a Gemini can make a great partner and perfect playmate. Click here to start free psychic chat More Compatibility for Pisces: Both signs like to have a good time and enjoy one another's biting sense of humor. Aquarius and Pisces make very good friends as well as excellent lovers. In the case of Aquarius: Good partnerships include Aries and Libra. You are incompatible in nearly every area. A psychic is a great resource for Aquarians who are having trouble finding true love connections. Some relationship combinations are much more common than others. This means the relationship can last if you are willing to work at it.

Compatible to aquarius

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Cancer & Aquarius: Love Compatibility

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Money management is bound to be an issue and Libra does not share your humanitarian vision.

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