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Cheyenne Saddle - A double-rigged saddle with two squared-off skirts and a Cheyenne Roll on the cantle. It is a heavy, broad-wheeled covered freight carrier used extensively during the late s and s in the United States. Cocinero - Pronounced koh-see-NAY-roh. Cross-Ties - A method of tethering a horse using two ropes or ties, one on each side, connected to solid posts or walls. Sometimes mis-pronounced as "Curly Wolf. A common misspelling of "Coulee.


Cool as a Steer's Nose - Not easily perturbed or excited; calm and collected; unflappable. Canine Tooth - A large tooth located in the long gap the bar between the incisor teeth and the molars. Choking the apple - Gripping the saddle horn or the pommel. Generally worn during warm weather. Coffee Pot - Cowboy slang for a steam locomotive. A cask may be larger or smaller than a barrel. Cheyenne Saddle - A double-rigged saddle with two squared-off skirts and a Cheyenne Roll on the cantle. Chute Boss - The rodeo employee in charge of running the horses, bulls, and other animals through the chutes in the correct sequence. To give a neat appearance to something, especially by rubbing or stroking. Crow Bait - A worn-out, emaciated horse that is likely to become carrion soon - and therefore attractive "bait" to crows. Crupper - A leather loop that goes around the base of the horse or mule's tail to keep a saddle, harness or other equipment from sliding forward. Pronounced "shaps" A shortened form of the Spanish word "chaparejos," a type of leather leggings worn as protection from brush, rain, etc. Canter - A smooth 3-beat gait; between a trot and a gallop; synonymous with "Lope. Chew Gravel - To be thrown from a horse or bull and land face down in the dirt. Cache - Pronounced "kash" A place to store or hide things; the act of concealing things. Also called corn-pone or hoe-cake. As a verb, cinch means to tighten something like a rope or strap around an object. Chain-fire - An explosion caused when the flash from one chamber of a cap-and-ball revolver caused the powder in an adjacent chamber to ignite. Cocinero - Pronounced koh-see-NAY-roh. Cattalo - A hardy breed of cattle resulting from crossing domestic cattle with the American buffalo; it yields leaner beef than many conventional breeds. Along with the bowline and the sheet bend, it is considered by many to be one of the most essential knots. Colic - An equine bellyache. A cartridge with the primer located in the center of the shell. The designation is not related to the animal's body temperature. Crum - A bedbug ; a louse or lice. Crest - The top of the horse's neck where the mane grows. Cold Backed - A horse that has a tense, rigid back when it is tacked up and first mounted.


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Also a small, sturdy horse of South America, descended from Spanish and Portuguese horses.

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