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Family members could be street signs, truck drivers, race car drivers, or stop lights! For the maze, grab a few yards of cream muslin, fold in half lengthwise and cut a hole for your head. From Westworld to Alice in Wonderland, here are nine couples costume ideas perfect for rocking that bump alongside your boo. My Sea Monkeys are Dying Whoa. If you or your partner in crime have got a little artistic talent, then painting your belly is the perfect way to go. Use black buttons or black felt on a white shirt and tie on not too tight! This pregnant pumpkin costume makes the most of your melon shape—and stretch marks! Finish off the look with a mullet wig, tennis racket, and old school sneakers.

Costumes for pregnant couples

Dress up your partner or kids as superheroes or supervillains too, so your entire family looks like a Justice League—or Comic-Con convention. To create the ramen bowl, cut a white piece of felt the circle shape of your belly and hot glue onto a red dress. Is it just me, or does the toddler add to this costume? Equal parts creepy and cute. Pick your choice of a neutral, boy or girl baby skeleton on the shirt. Create a stretchy blue tube to pull over your belly under the black dress and use green felt to cut out continents and glue in place. A few easy maternity Halloween costumes ideas to get the creative juices flowing: Add a black cowboy hat and toy gun in a holster. Alternatively, a baby bump doubles brilliantly as a beer gut; take some inspiration from Ashley, who entered our contest as Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force while she was seven and a half months pregnant. All you need is a black fabric marker or Sharpie. Now, onto those fries! Roald Dahl would be proud. Take a pair of khaki pants and use a black Sharpie to draw diagonal lines on them to create the cone. Cut a circle out, then use hot glue or even safety pins to attach it. Finish off the look with a mullet wig, tennis racket, and old school sneakers. Love, LOVE this idea. Nothing, and I mean nothing, would be better than being 37 weeks pregnant and dressing up as Elvis in the Vegas-bring-a-gun-to-the-White-House-drug-years. Pick up some trashy clothes at a thrift store, maybe invest in a cheap wig and walk around all night with a prominent bump, a beer can in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Cut a half circle from white felt and glue on the bottom of the circle to create the ramen bowl. A throw back Kim costume is always a good idea, add a Kanye and a few kiddos for good measure! To make the Caterpillar costume, it all starts with a blue snuggie. Scary pregnant Halloween costumes Easy Pregnant Halloween Costumes Sometimes you really can pull on a comfy shirt on and call it a night—all you need to do is take fabric paint or marker to a stretchy preferably cotton shirt and create whatever maternity Halloween costume strikes your fancy. Use fashion tape or hot glue to place onto your belly. This is another great pregnancy disguise but this would also make a fantastic costume if you just wore all red and had the KoolAid face positioned over your belly. Use hot glue to cover the white circle with strings from a mop — these will be your noodles. It was a big hit.

Costumes for pregnant couples

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For the maze, grab a few yards of cream muslin, fold in half lengthwise and cut a hole for your head. To turn your belly into a basket, start by getting a basket made out of rope and cut it in half to fit the size of your belly.

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