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Above me, shooting stars raced by with incredible regularity. Enjoying alfajores with our amazing couchsurfing hosts! But, if you would like to come, I would love to show you around. During these meals I have had the chance to try some of the staple local foods, ask about what foods I should try when I go out and also learnt the names of all the dishes and ingredients. The fact that these groups are so active are what make it so useful. Couchsurfing Groups The couchsurfing groups are a great way of finding reliable information on anything travel related.

Couchsurfing south america

Think about it as making new friends. Relax and communicate, it will all be just right. Couchsurfing Venezuela was a highlight of my South America backpacking adventure… Houses on the hill, the warm streets of Venezuela. Highly allergic to cats? Even if you are only going on a short trip, you should always travel with insurance. As a traveller whose days revolve around food, this instant knowledge is something of a god send. On the other hand travellers are always looking for a cheap place to stay, me included. Your host will tell and it can easily become a less than positive experience. Sensing my discomfort, she bundled me into the back of a battered car and we made our way past numerous police-check points. Couchsurfing in South America? The groups can also be used to find someone to go on a trek with, find out how to buy tickets for the football, buy a surfboard, find a job in fact the hostel where I am currently working and living was discovered by me thanks to Couchsurfing. So, is Couchsurfing for me? I did some investigation via the Couchsurfing groups and found that I needed to go to a clinic first for a prescription before I can buy glasses, as well as getting a huge list of recommended clinics and eyeglass shops. During these meals I have had the chance to try some of the staple local foods, ask about what foods I should try when I go out and also learnt the names of all the dishes and ingredients. We parked and got out, Ghassab strode over to me, he seemed excited. Give it a shot, see what happens. I have had three bad experiences none of them terrible and over one hundred good ones. He told me about a website called Couchsurfing where you can easily stay with local people wherever you go, who will host you, feed you, show you the town, and never ask for one penny. The desert had turned a crimson red as the sun had set and with the departure of the sun the valley had quickly turned cold. Users are able to create groups essentially forums where they can exchange messages. Every single person has given me the keys to their house, told me to treat it like home, feel free to eat any food, etc. This Article Was Written By: I could make out stairs, an entrance and nearby, a small enclosure of stacked stones housing a couple of goats. He stepped back and pointed with an outstretched hand. Enjoying alfajores with our amazing couchsurfing hosts!

Couchsurfing south america

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TRAVEL VLOG #1: Acclimatizing into Ecuador via Couchsurfing

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