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One of the movers the only professional one and only one that did not seem under the influence of some type of substance, told me and my husband that the supervisor of the move was planning on keeping some items that were still on the truck. They were fast and courteous. I really appreciated that. I spoke to many of the staff there and everyone was very helpful. The driver and guys that unloaded also did a great job.

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The crew were very rude and almost seemed to intentionally were handling her belongings carelessly. Unfortunately, this time they did a really lazy and sloppy job. While on the phone she confirmed that she received the video, then stated she would review the video and call us back. The men were not professional movers that was obvious, limited English they spent time on their phones not working. They're good at moving boxes but packing is not something they're good at. I spoke to many of the staff there and everyone was very helpful. They are very nice and promise the world when you start to place an order then they end up breaking mutliple items. They even had rewrapped my paintings in extra sturdy boxes. It's been several months now and we are still finding so much damage done to our stuff that isn't replaceable but it's not worth fighting them over it for sixty cents a pound. Just absolutely no accountability and then when you report anything wrong to them they are extremely rude and make accusations that you're lying, second moving company I have used and the experience was extremely horrible!! Buying things like a mini fridge and other comfort items that were supposed to be here because we couldn't live out of an ice chest anymore buying ice thinking our stuff might be here tomorrow but never getting a reply back from Seaport! Aimee and Danielle were wonderful to work with and super responsive. I've used this company three times, and there will not be a fourth. They just stacked them and put them in the truck. The first two times were okay since I had everything packed and ready to go. One of them was using his knife to cut her TV base and was doing it so violently that she asked him no to do that and he just shrugged his shoulders at her! We had a huge, difficult move and the four men never slowed down. Also had to cancel a scheduled move the day before and rebook last minute. Use anyone else but them!! I know that the company after seeing the video must fear of lawsuit, I'm assuming this is why they refuse to talk to us. I would hire this company again in a heartbeat! I told her that I would only be paying foR 2 hours but the movers would be staying to finish the job as they were using up time I had expected them to be there and moving my stuff. He said they would be done very quickly and that would save us money. I asked then who is your company's lawyer which he replied "find out yourself," then he hung up. This company is extremely unprofessional, disorganized, and clearly lacks customer service and management skills. Everything else arrived just fine. I do not recommend using this company.

Craigslist washougal wa

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But Seaport moving was the answer? I will never move myself again and I assure you I will always use and recommend Seaport!

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