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Asked what it was like in the Henthorn household, Jarvis told Van Sant, "Toni went to work most mornings. Toni now is taking a picture of Harold," Barry Bertolet explained. In the month period the study examined, there were deadly overdoses among First Nations people in Calgary per , person-years, compared with 15 per , person-years in the city's non-Aboriginal population. In Edmonton, the disparity still tilts toward First Nation members, but much less starkly — there were 55 deaths per , person-years among First Nations versus 17 per , among non-First Nation people in that city. And Harold insisted," Yvonne Bertolet said. What were you told? She was injured in an unusual accident at their mountain cabin, when a heavy wooden beam fell on her. He and Lynn never forgot a birthday or Christmas.

Crazy accidental deaths

The rate of accidental overdose fatalities among First Nations people is much higher in Calgary than other parts of the province. Jimmy Ferrozzo, a bouncer, died in Condor Club , San Francisco while engaging in sexual intercourse with his girlfriend Theresa Hill on a grand piano that was lowered from the ceiling by a hydraulic motor. Barry Bertolet "It says, 'Barry And at the same time that Lynn went under to retrieve it, Harold says he threw the flat tire in the back, knocking the Jeep off of its jack and onto Lynn. Rate of opioid overdose deaths 3 times higher among Indigenous Albertans Rate of opioid overdose deaths 3 times higher among Indigenous Albertans First Nations Albertans died of opioid overdoses three times more frequently than non-Indigenous people in a month period — and they're far more likely to have been prescribed those drugs by a doctor, says a new report. Signs of improvement But Christenson says there are signs that the situation is getting better. Toni's brother, Barry, was pleased his year-old sister had found the kind of man she was looking for. Christie Drews noticed Henthorn wanted to be involved in everything "When our doctors would have meetings Nov 08, 1: Remember, his first wife, Lynn, had also died in unusual circumstances in , crushed under their Jeep. We just took it for face value. Henthorn also told Jarvis he could never hurt Toni. Maybe he's not so bad," she said. Legg were killed by a water hammer explosion during maintenance on the SL-1 nuclear reactor in Idaho. But it hit the back of my neck and fractured a vertebra,'" said Yvonne Bertolet. Toni's parents, Bob and Yvonne, had a good feeling when they first met Harold. Army specialists John A. It may have been the first time death was ever captured in a motion picture film. Drews took out her cell phone to record the surprise. While she survived the fall, her motorcycle landed on her, killing her instantly. And then, he texted me back saying that 'She's gone,' " Bertolet told Van Sant. And if I had not picked it up, it would have killed me instantly. Dick Wertheim , a tennis linesman, died after a ball struck him in the groin and he fell out of his chair. He was kind of -- there was something creepy about him," Abbruscato told Van Sant. One thing was missing from their life -- a child. Tina Christopherson died when she fanatically drank 4 gallons 15 litres of water a day to combat stomach cancer. In , the rate of opioid dispensing for First Nations patients was per , compared with per , for non-First Nation Albertans, the report says.

Crazy accidental deaths

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Toni now is taking a picture of Harold," Barry Bertolet explained.

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