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I also get Sofa a lot too. The practice of a sophist; fallacious reasoning; reasoning sound in appearance only. There are 2 Sophias and 2 Sophies including me in my grade, but one Sophie's real name is Sophia, so at least I can say I'm the only birth Sophie in my grade. Famous real-life people named Sophie: Edit Wise- Sophie means wisdom. See Sops of wine, under Sop. It's a pretty and serviceable name and it will serve her no matter what her personality is. Sophie is the best name I could have and I'm very lucky to have it! I have so many nicknames though!

Creative nicknames for sophie

Adulterated; not pure; not genuine. The practice of a sophist; fallacious reasoning; reasoning sound in appearance only. Edit A cute, adorable name that suits any little girl and grows up fine to a beautiful adult. A contraction of Soph ister. Named after Dahl's granddaughter, Sophie Dahl. Causing sleep; tending to cause sleep; soporiferous; as, the soporific virtues of opium. Soaked or saturated with liquid or moisture; very wet or sloppy. One belonging to the second of the four classes in an American college, or one next above a freshman. I'm a teacher's pet and my friends say I'm super smart but I don't know. Her parents were debating between the two, because they thought Sophie would sound too babyish as an adult and Sophia too sophisticated as a kid, so they named her Sophia and she goes by Sophie and maybe later will go by Sophia. Everyone tells me, "what a pretty name! My mom chose this name because it doesn't really have any nicknames, but I have found it to be nickname prone. Famous real-life people named Sophie: This is an awesome name! My only cross to bear with this name is that I'm forever telling people that it's Sophie, not Sophia and that it's spelled with a "ph" not an "f" and an "ie" not an "ia". Causing sleep; somniferous; soporific. The sudden issuing of a body of troops, usually small, from a besieged place to attack or harass the besiegers; a sally. It also in opinion ages well for both a little girl and a woman's name. The art or process of reasoning; logic. The act of putting to sleep, or the state of being put to sleep; sleep. A contraction of Sophomore. The act of sophisticating; adulteration; as, the sophistication of drugs. To maintain by sophistry, or by a fallacious argument. I just wish it were a little bit less common in Ireland. Sophie is the best name I could have and I'm very lucky to have it!

Creative nicknames for sophie

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A singer, commonly a woman, with a treble voice.

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