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So after deciding to use a flat base-plate we had to find a material that features the perfect friction coefficient for our base-plate, so that walking and running would feel as natural as possible. That being said, Prototype 3 represents an improvement in every aspect and we expect it to be at least as durable as Prototype 2. You could use it for educational purposes, training situations, psychological therapy or architecture to just name a few. Not only did devices like the Oculus Rift cause excitement all over the world, they also attracted big players of the industry. And once our SDK is released, developers will get their own interface for our haptic technology, allow them, to implement it in their games exactly the way they want to.


Up until recently the answer would have been quite simple: In a way, hardware has surpassed software when it comes to immersion and it's time for software to catch up. The technology is implemented in the base plate, allowing you to feel your virtual environment like never before: The Arm is attached to the side of the Virtualizer and stretches out above your head. Gaming is just the beginning When we started with the development of the Virtualizer we obviously had gaming in mind. The best results will be achieved once our SDK is released: But its possible fields of applications are almost limitless. This one comes without any integrated sensors and is therefore directed towards a very specific group of customers: Achieving this is vital for a truly immersive experience because obviously you will break immersion if the positioning of your body in-game and in real-life are different. So due to Virtual Reality itself being a completely new sector, please note that the version of the Virtualizer offered here on Kickstarter is the first of an ongoing project that will turn out successful thanks to your pioneer attitude! Here are the reasons why it looks exactly the way it does! For example recent games neither allow for analog crouching, nor are you able to separate viewing from movement. It will feature an HT interface, allowing developers to freely determine if and when haptic feedback should be produced to offer players an unmatched level of immersion experience! Therefore every step becomes a reminder for you that you are not really inside Virtual Reality, you are in fact just using a controller. Over the course of 3 prototypes we've tested different materials and added a Materials Scientist to our team to find the one material that would fit our needs. That's why we are working really hard to deliver our SDK at the end of to make sure there are tons of Virtual Reality games out there, once you receive your Virtualizer. With it developers will be able to easily integrate full Virtualizer functionality in their games for full immersion. It does so by combining a revolutionary low-friction principle and high precision sensors with a special mechanical construction, resulting in a new form of omni-directional treadmill. Integrated sensors The integrated sensors assure low-latency motion detection. Our acousto-haptic technology is a vastly different kind of animal: Meet the Virtualizer The Virtualizer has a set of unique features that make him the optimal Virtual Reality locomotion device. This means you can channel the cable for your HMD or headphones straight up and down the side of the Virtualizer. Since our analyses, simulations and tests deliver affirmative results, we are confident in being able to deliver the quality we promise to. Who in the gaming community has never dreamt of getting rid of devices like joypads, mice and keyboards and switching to something more natural: Regarding the Virtualizer HT we currently have three different ways of feeding the vibration units with data: If they allow for keyboard or controller input, our easy-to-use software enables you to emulate one of the two. No need to buy extra shoes or equipment.


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VoodooDE testet den Cyberith Virtualizer - Die VR Arcade Lounge in Kassel - Teil 2 [Virtual Reality]

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