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Whilst there is no fixed requirement to complete an annual security clearance review for SC , CTC and BPSS staff, local guidance may expand to include these groups as appropriate. Where security vetting requirements change, the appropriate notification must be passed to security and HR areas. If you have not registered for an account please contact your authorising body or DSO. We no longer accept NATO requests via email. Appeal If you are a civil servant, member of HMF or employed in the defence industry then internal appeal procedures are open to you to appeal against vetting decisions. Contact Us Contact us When contacting us sponsors are required to identify themselves by their sponsor ID.

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Please make sure that the referees you have nominated are aware that you have nominated them and are willing to be interviewed. No more than twelve months must have elapsed since the holder left the organisation for which the clearance was originally granted and no more than six months living overseas. Please note that in no circumstances should the sponsor send their completed registration form directly to us, the DSA must first authorise all sponsor account requests. Forms and Guidance UKSV forms and guidance Use of hard copy forms Submitting an application, financial questionnaire or Change of Personal Circumstances form through the eForm portals is the preferred method. If you are a NATO or EDA security officer that does not need to submit new applications, but you frequently need to check whether UK members of staff in your international organisation have existing security clearances, then you still need to hold a sponsor account. Note that requests without an ID will not be processed. This link is unique to your application and directs you to the eForm portal where access is controlled by a thorough personal authentication process to verify identity, from which you are mandated to create your own login details that remain known only to you to enable subsequent access. The following wording appears on all current Notifications: All those with access to government assets are subject on recruitment to the requirements of the Baseline Personnel Security Standard. On appointment, all staff and contractors in a vetted role should be briefed by their Line Manager, Supervisor or Security Controller on the security requirements specific to their role and the risks that NSV and other local security controls are intended to mitigate. You will notice that the web address line turns green in the web browser and displays a padlock which shows that the eForm is operating through a secure site albeit on the internet. The Baseline Personnel Security Standard requires the verification of the following four elements: It is important to note that the UK does not undertake speculative vetting, and will not process vetting application requests made by the subject directly. In addition, if the internal appeal process does not satisfy you, you can be referred to the independent Cabinet Office Security Vetting Appeals Panel. Requests for clearances must be raised during the contractual process. The Vetting Officer will double check the information given in the vetting questionnaire. If you do not have a sponsor account then you need to apply for one, as vetting applications are made electronically via NSVS. For people with no secure access, completion of an online security questionnaire will be done on the eForm portal accessed through a secure site on the internet. However, it is not designed to manage access to sensitive information. NSVS CMS users must immediately stop accessing any part of the system if their security clearance ceases to be valid and this fact must be reported immediately to the Vetting Authority and System Administrators. Any security concerns in respect of staff generally should be reported to the local security unit who will record it and take follow up actions where appropriate. It may be transferable: Providing information about vetting subjects If you have been named as a supervisor or character referee for someone who requires a NSV clearance, you may be asked to provide information about that person. Individuals clearance holder Individuals should think about their security clearance as a credential they must maintain, whilst there are formal review periods, clearances may be reviewed, suspended, lapsed or be withdrawn at any stage if the organisation no longer has the necessary confidence or assurance in the individual. Change of personal circumstances[ edit ] A change of personal circumstances CPC questionnaire has to be submitted when an SC, DV or CTC clearance holder is "marrying, remarrying, entering into a civil partnership, setting up a stable unmarried relationship which includes living with someone as a couple".

Dbs nsv login

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DV clearance holders also have to report the arrival of new "co-residents" such as a lodger or flatmate.

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