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Ziggy asks again and Pixel responds with a bold "NO! Mr Blind encourages Sportacus to remove his shoes so he can clean them. The clear tube is also used in the next chronologically produced episode "Lazy Scouts". Sportacus has a logo of himself on the side of the pedal control chair. Sportacus in a nervous and surprised voice suggests that he should go practice for the kids.


There no visible rudders on the airship only stabilizer fins , but Sportacus is able to move from left to right and change altitude fairly quickly. Pixel is playing while Stephanie and Ziggy are waiting for the stunt. Blind makes the swap for the rigged shoes and Sportacus's shoes and gives him the rigged shoes. Blind attempts to talk to Sportacus, but he says that he's in a hurry to get to his stunt. Sportacus tries to see what is going on behind-the-scenes. Mr Blind encourages Sportacus to remove his shoes so he can clean them. Main episode Stephanie is in her room writing in her diary when Uncle Milford comes in and asks why Stephanie isn't playing outside with all the other kids. Luckily, the ball lands in the goal. But he first lands in the wrong way. Blind tries to show off his new shoes. Uncle Milford suggests that he knows someone who can help. Sportacus arrives in town and he asks the Mayor, "What's the trouble? Then, he gets into his disguise: In this episode the Mayor references the last year's Sportacular Spectacle Day when Sportacus did a baseball trick, but in Sleepless in LazyTown Sportacus doesn't know how play softball and Stephanie is teaching it to him. Robbie later shows up as Lazycus to become the new town hero. Ziggy asks again and Pixel responds with a bold "NO! Epilogue As he shuffles away in the fake shoes, Robbie does a little bit of a dance to the Bing Bang Song. Robbie Interferes Robbie spies on Sportacus doing various super-moves, and comments that if he wasn't here - everyone would be lazy! Trivia This episode uses a totally different backstory and sequence of events to the rest of the series. The mayor uses a glass tube to contact Sportacus. Robbie takes Sportacus's old shoes and puts them in a trash bin to hide them. Blind pours some purple slime onto Sportacus's boots. Robbie tries to spell it out as he can't really read that well. Sportacus heads towards his seat to fly over to Lazytown. Mayor Meanswell runs out with a glass tube and a letter.


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He inserts the letter into the mailbox cannon and sends it off into the sky, adding, "I can always count on Sportacus!

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