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He is approving obscene scripts written by his team of writers led by Vankush Arora and permitting lines which will make you run towards the jungle. So you have Pappi Manoj Bajpayee , who deals in antiques and is into petty electricity theft with his two friends. It brought new meaning to the warning: How can such stuff be aired on national television? During the week I watched so much television that even in my time-off-TV hours, when I was trying for some decent shut-eye, I discovered to my subconscious horror that my dreams were full stopped with credit rolls where my name appeared as an extra.

Dirty dialogues

To ensure that this water is safe to drink, make sure that: Of equal importance is teaching people how to use them. At the water source and in the water delivery system wells, pipes, taps etc. It is eventually all about the search for a treasure in the haveli , which goes all wrong. But then let it rest. Where the film loses out on is the meandering, pointless, stretched-out plot and an exhausting, weird finale. Clean water can easily become contaminated when: This will help to prevent soil from falling into the well and waste water from draining back into it; only use one bucket to draw water from the well and keep this bucket clean; if possible, keep the well covered when it is not being used; take care that the rope of the bucket cannot get dirty with soil and contaminate the water; make sure that your hands are clean when using the bucket; bathe, and wash clothes, away from the well so that waste water cannot drain back into the well; keep surroundings clean and animals away from the well. We don't think any film writer has got this sort of compliment before. How do you maintain safe water supplies? Duchovny is looking a little pinched and skull shrunk - as if the sex-addicted real lifer has done his time in the salt mines of sex-sating. December 01, Stagnant pools of water and muddy places around houses and water collection sites are a health risk and can attract mosquitoes. The film even makes you lose patience with its strong cast, as they go way too over the top. Don't give up your day job. Pyar jo Bisthar thak le jaien? Editing one episode means sitting for at least minutes. The foul-mouthed repartee starts off rather matter of factly, veers a bit towards intentional irreverence, but soon becomes all for the heck of it, a bad case of exhibitionism. Agar yeh plastic ho ya na ho, issey cigarette ko koi farak nahin padtha Vidya balan - lekin agar ismein baarish gir jaye toh phir cigarette kiss kam kha? But only for a bit. In previous seasons of Californication, the father and daughter relationship was so buddy-buddy rather than parent-child that it was groovily annoying. So you have Pappi Manoj Bajpayee , who deals in antiques and is into petty electricity theft with his two friends. We take utmost care while penning every episode. These points are also equally important for wells where handpumps are used to lift the water instead of buckets. Ratings ke liye kuch bhi karega?

Dirty dialogues

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Clean water can easily become contaminated when: Tume kabhi pyaar hua hei?

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