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Some people abstained from bathing but that was to atone for sin, similar to fasting. At the time, the emperor had three grown sons, each of whom expected a kingdom. Luitgard did not bear Charles any children, and that was probably why he married her. Gotta like a man who says his wife can make up her own mind. Arnulf's Abbey near Metz. And Charles had two sons named after their grandfather Pepin the younger originally called Carloman.


Another clue of the affection the couple shared comes from Charles himself in a surviving letter to Fastrada, composed before he went to war with the Avars in Herrscher des Abendlands, Ullstein , p. That is, until I encountered Fastrada again in the Royal Frankish Annals, when she and Charles were overjoyed to see each other upon his return to Worms from Rome. I chose to make her a true medieval woman with the beliefs and biases that come with her time, yet a sympathetic teenager who wants to be a good wife to her much older husband, a good mother to his children, and a good advocate for her people in East Francia. Alban's Abbey, Mainz , long before the abbey was finished. One of the three older sons did not want to give up his land, and that led to civil war, the very thing Charles was trying to avoid later in his life. But the entry also mentions that Fastrada died there and was buried with honors at St. There is a clue of a chronic illness in a letter, in which Charles asked her to write to him more often, specifically about her health. Maybe there was more to this story. The entry in the Royal Frankish Annals includes: Yet the letter gives the impression the greeting is not a mere platitude. Abbeys also had baths for the residents, guests, and the sick. In addition to Einhard, the anonymous writer of the Revised Royal Frankish Annals cited her bad behavior as the reason eldest son Pepin conspired to overthrow his father. Fastrada died on 10 August in Frankfurt in present-day Germany , during the synod of Frankfurt and was buried in St. OK, that is not as often as most of us in 21st century America, but it is more frequent than my teachers led me to believe. Allegations of her cruelty come years after the deaths of Fastrada and Charles. Or that Einhard never elaborates on what she did. Nor was this punishment unique to the Franks. Due to Archbishop Richulf 's influence, she was not buried in the Basilique Saint-Denis , the burial site of almost all the Frankish and French monarchs, nor St. After Fastrada died, Charles married Luitgard, probably after dating her for two years. But in the medieval mind, that brutality is justice for people who deserved death. The teenager is Queen Fastrada, and the much older man is King Charles, whom we today call Charlemagne. However, I believe she made a scapegoat to explain the plots against her husband. Alban's Abbey in , her tombstone was transferred to Mainz Cathedral , where it can be seen today in the wall of the southern nave. Here are just a few examples. Oh, and his first cousin, the duke of Bavaria, is married to the sister of wife No.


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Or more accurately, the relationship the sources hint at. Maybe there was more to this story.

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