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Dragon 3rd Edition The 3rd Edition version of the flumph appears in an appendix to the adventure Box of Flumph in Dungeon , by Tim Hitchcock. The physical damage from their tentacles is minimal. In addition, it goes without saying flumphs are not humanoids and thus have non-humanoid costs for armor. At the end of each of its turns, the target must make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw, taking 2 1d4 acid damage on a failure or ending the recurring acid damage on a success. Bonus points to any reader able to answer the question in the article's subtitle, "What is the airspeed of an unladen carpet of flying? Taking turns, the Seeding flumphs carry the Honored One straight up as high as they can, until the atmosphere begins to get too thin and cold for them to safely continue. Flumphs pay great attention to the stars and their movements across the sky, weaving a complex zodiac into their folklore.


They generally avoid creatures with disturbing thoughts, and they actively seek the downfall of those creatures. The lack of spell abilities and only average intelligence indicate that the stat block is probably that of a common flumph. Your unarmed strikes count as a weapon with the Finesse property for all effects which require it, such as Sneak Attack. The softer, more vulnerable underside carries a mixture of small spikes and many short tentacles. Richards has the recurring Monster Hunters Association examine a living flumph specimen in a laboratory. Flumph sages can instruct PCs in ways of defeating cosmic threats, or even lead a group of adventurers to planetary gates leading to worlds of wonder or madness. In other words, all the "classic" monsters. Alternatively, a GM could pit a group of low-level PCs against a cult of deranged flumphs who have fallen to a rare disease that is corrupting their sanity. If these flumphs are turned upside down knocked prone , they become helpless, but can make a save to right themselves. Only a desperate leap from Buntleby protects the osquip from spiky doom. Bonus points to any reader able to answer the question in the article's subtitle, "What is the airspeed of an unladen carpet of flying? Dragon It turns out that Buntleby captured the flumph by accidentally flipping it upside down while it was hunting his osquip familiar, Ozzie. This ten page adventure includes encounters with envelopers, carbuncles, kercpas, a brain mole, al-mi'rajes, a flail snail, a stench kow, flumphs, an umpleby, and campestris. Firstly, flumphs are smart - smarter than most people, in fact. Telepathic Shroud is strong, but technically situational. There are a number of small holes on the underside through which air is expelled, and a number of apertures around its equator which are used for manoeuvring. Eating for the sake of nutrition rather than enjoyment, a flumph consumes minerals and organic matter, feeding it into a small mouth hidden among the spikes and tentacles on its ventral side. Player characters might never fight against a flumph themselves unless the creature is cornered, defending its community from aggressors, or greatly wronged by the PCs. Since most members of a given flumph generation within a community stem from the same seed pod, they have a strong sense of family, seeing their brothers and sisters as parts of their own being. After you use this ability, you can't use it again until you complete a long rest. A lesser restoration spell cast on the target also ends the recurring acid damage. Though they rarely seek out treasures in a mercenary fashion, flumphs may accept rings in trade, happen upon them in dungeons, or even take them from defeated foes. Using these interpretations of their nocturnal hallucinations, they dictate their courses of action, use the things they learn to correct behaviors deemed inferior, and of course watch for signs of impending danger from dark and alien forces. Kindness is the only appropriate response to evil. Knowledge Arcana 9 Knowledge Arcana was an electronic magazine published between and which drew largely on contributions from members of the WotC online community.


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Parley • Flumph of the Wild 26 • D&D 5e Homebrew • Part 1

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Most the monsters were submissions made to White Dwarf magazine, so when cracking open the Fiend Folio remember that we're actually looking at a selection of the best monsters editor Don Turnbull had in front of him.

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