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LaFisca, of Uniontown; 2 stepdaughters: He was born September 21, Class 13 will meet in the funeral home today at 2 p. He was born December 29, , to the late William Lancaster, Jr. Sammy was a journeyman cement mason with Local , Pittsburgh. Roger Cramer and Rev. S continues to spend strikingly more on health care than other industrialized nations,1 while our health outcomes lag behind. Funeral rites will be held at

Frank weltner

Stella Connelly of Detroit, Mich. The 'Alternative Quality Contract,' based on a global budget, lowered medical spending and improved quality. Her parents, her husband, Matthew Laginja, two sons, Matthew Jr. Father John Bauer as celebrant. He was born in Uniontown on October 26, and was the son of the late John H. A former resident of Dunbar and vicinity, he had worked at the Eureka plant for years and recently had been employed on a farm at Brownfield. Mansel Hammett and Mr. Geneva, 21 May-1 June Ernest, Melvin, Delmus, all of Lemont Furnace and Jerry of Connellsville; 31 grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren; two sisters: Mae Lancaster, one daughter, Mrs. Lagneaux married again and they lived in Fairchance. Burial will be in Newberry Cemetery at Addison. Practitioners could also choose salaried practice in non-profit globally budgeted providers such as hospitals, clinics, group practices, etc. Margaret Lancaster, 82 years old, died Thursday afternoon at During the active years of life, Mr. LAKE died in Breen Funeral Home, the successor to the Homer L. Residency programs already publicly funded must train generalists and specialists in proportions that reflect societal needs. Irene LaClair Conaway, Hopwood. He was born December 29, , to the late William Lancaster, Jr. She was born March 22, in Listonburg, Pa. He was born Nov. Preparatory Committee Second session. By dramatically reducing administrative costs and other inefficiencies, the NHP could eliminate both uninsurance and underinsurance without any increase in overall health care expenditures. Visitation will be from noon to 9 p.

Frank weltner

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J Gen Intern Med. Deceased is also survived by two sisters, Mrs.

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