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Ross and Monica's parents. Their relationship hits a rough patch when he and Rachel consider getting back together. Schwimmer is the only cast member native to New York City. In the series finale, Ross and Rachel finally reconcile, deciding to be together once and for all. Presumably due to being amused by their wacky, quirky, goofy personalities, Janice seems to enjoy spending time with the six friends, which is somewhat ironic and very much inconvenient for them since none of them can stand to be around her although she seems to be completely blind to the fact that they feel this way, showing almost no awareness whatsoever of the fact that they hate having to put up with her , due to the unbearably irritating nasal New York accent she speaks with, and her annoying machine gun laugh. One time Rachel loses him in the city, [e 16] and calls Animal Control—only to learn from Ross that Marcel is an illegal exotic animal that cannot be kept in the city.

Friends love songs

He is first mentioned in the second episode of the series, [e 8] but only appears twice: He has three failed marriages during the series, and his relationship with Rachel is a main storyline throughout the series. The series finale of Mad About You , set 22 years into the future, reveals that after a successful porn career, Ursula becomes Governor of New York. She first appears in "The One with Mrs. Monica and Chandler try to hide their relationship from the rest of the group for much of the fifth season, but eventually everyone finds out. Later, as Marcel sexually matures and begins to hump everything, Ross has to give him away to a zoo [e 17] —"where he can have access to regular monkey-lovin'. He has also been called "Barry White", and is possibly[ original research? His reason for this is never revealed, until "The One Where Mr Heckles Dies", in which the group discover that the noises being made in their apartment are apparently amplified in his, and when Chandler hears banging coming from the above room while in Heckles' apartment although it is never revealed exactly what the people upstairs were doing to cause the banging it annoys him so much that he inadvertently imitates Heckles by banging on the roof with his broom. Johnny always plays up his Italian, Irish, Jewish, etc. Later, Joey sees Janice kissing her husband, who runs a mattress business. He usually states that items are his, and when the other person states that he does not have one, Mr. Sally and Johnny love my hat!! Check out these testimonials from our real life friends! Janice is one of the few characters besides the six main friends who appears in all of the Friends seasons. She dies in the last season; [e 30] Joey gives a speech at her memorial service, where it is revealed that her only other client is Al Zebooker, a man who eats paper. She accepts and prepares to move herself and Emma to France. After celebrating their first anniversary in Las Vegas , they move in together and get engaged by the sixth-season finale. After unsuccessfully trying to prevent animal control officer Luisa Megan Cavanagh from discovering that they are harboring an illegal exotic animal and bemusing her with their wacky behavior throughout these unsuccessful attempts, Rachel, Monica, Ross and Phoebe learn that Luisa is a former classmate of Rachel's and Monica's who upon recognizing Rachel attempts to spite her for snubbing her in high school by attempting to confiscate Marcel. Black People Love Us! She later begins to work in fashion, becoming an assistant buyer, and later a personal shopper, at Bloomingdale's. Rachel already knows Ross Geller , Monica's brother, as all three went to the same high school and also Chandler Bing as he was Ross's college buddy. Monica tries to wean him off drinking but regrets it when he becomes extremely boring. Heckles died of a heart attack, while 'sweeping'. He is also the father of his ex-wife Carol's son, Ben, and Rachel's daughter, Emma. Later, when Joey rebuffs him for putting down Rachel, [e 58] he threatens to have Monica and Rachel evicted unless Joey helps him practice ballroom dancing to impress a woman as Monica is illegally subletting the apartment which actually belongs to her late grandmother, to Treeger's irritation. She asks Rachel to be her maid of honor and dress in a garish pink dress. Despite each of them having their own quirks, however, they are both occasionally dumbfounded by the crazy antics of their son and daughter, such as Ross' disastrous wedding to Emily and Monica's ridiculous speech at their 35th anniversary party.

Friends love songs

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A great deal of Rachel's life throughout the series revolves around her relationship with Ross Geller. As Monica and Chandler make plans to have children, [e 29] she offers Chandler advice and support at a fertility clinic.

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