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Injectable and subcutaneous T pellets remain active in the body the longest. In general, the first changes noticed by most trans men upon starting T therapy are lowering of the voice, increased sex drive, and enlargement of the clitoris. Underworks is trans-friendly, so don't be afraid to contact them to and ask questions specific to your needs. First, if your ovaries are still present and functional, the cessation of testosterone may cause the return of certain feminine body characteristics, including monthly periods see section below on " What changes are permanent? When an individual's body produces estrogen as its main sex hormone as in the case of female-bodied people , that estrogen in healthy levels protects against bone loss. If an individual has developed a patchy beard, it will probably remain in that same patchy state upon quitting T; he will be able to shave it and it should continue to grow back. T-Kingdom of Taiwan www. Because of this anatomical difference, patients with a forearm or thigh flap typically have much better sensation.

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Remember to allow your skin some time off from binding, and keep your binders clean. In general, the first changes noticed by most trans men upon starting T therapy are lowering of the voice, increased sex drive, and enlargement of the clitoris. Over time, the ongoing administration of testosterone will result in the development of masculine secondary sex characteristics, as well as the cessation of menses monthly periods. Morris Designs does custom orders for people who might need a special size; check their web site or call them for details. The speed at which changes take place will differ depending on several variables, including the dosage of T, the intervals at which it is taken, the delivery method used, and the individual's own bodily sensitivity to the effects of testosterone. Their binders feature a front and back, double panel, mixed material design to construct a flat appearance. However, for the most part, the person taking T will not suddenly become someone else. While T may effect certain moods and feelings, it is generally not considered to be something that will magically change who a person is at their core. Maintaining a level of testosterone within a healthy range over the lifetime of a trans man can protect against those potential problems. Increase in energy level. If an individual has lost some head hair, it most likely will not grow back upon stopping T. Electrolysis would be required for permanent hair removal. Nick Gorton's site www. They offer 4 products that could be used for binding: Some use different methods of layering clothing to help hide their chests. In the past, trans guys used to rely on do-it-yourself binding solutions because there weren't any ready-made products available to suit the purpose. Many of these companies are located in Asia, but all offer mail order through their web sites. The face may become more angular in appearance, with a squarer jaw. All these factors should be considered and discussed with your doctor to help ensure healthy bones. Do not use tape to bind, especially directly on your skin, as it may cut you, cause painful rashes, and pull off layers of skin and hair when removed. It might change slightly in texture or growth rate-- depending in part on whether the individual's ovaries are still active and producing estrogen-- but the beard will not disappear. If the individual does not have a large body fat percentage to begin with and remains trim, a return to female fat patterns won't be as dramatic. People with minimal chest tissue can sometimes use athletic compression shirts successfully as binders. The Tool Shed www. In other words, not all individuals will see the same results from T therapy-- even at the same dosage and over the same period of time!

Ftm sites

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If this is a problem for you, try sewing an extra length of fabric all the way around the bottom of the binder, and tuck that extra material snugly into your pants.

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