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Our son has truly flourished during his time at FWM. He developed close bonds with the teachers there and was very much enriched by the curriculum and activities. She makes learning truly fun. I couldn't be much happier with FWM preschool for my 2 year old daughter. Covers legal and ethical issues and writing to influence policy and transmit research findings. Bin runs a very rich program for the children. But, he's mine, and I love him. This is an obvious sign of the dedication the teachers have to creating a secure and fun environment where the kids can really grow and learn. Although her score has no bearing on school entrance, we were pleased that her language speaking and comprehension were high.

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Our son developed better Mandarin and English skills from the teachers and other kids, respectively , as well as socializing skills, play skills, and good manners please, thank you, sitting at the table to eat, etc. Weeks later he had a big smile on his face when he was being dropped off and I credit the FWM teachers for the quick transition- showering him with love, giving him special attention, and being attentive to his interests. There is a play area where the teachers have good view of the kids. She is extremely detail-oriented and thorough, as well as a wonderful communicator who provides valuable feedback at the end of every day to ensure that we can help reinforce behaviors and learning at home and vice versa. The teacher to student ratio a lot of personal care, and we felt like our son was always tended to and well taken care of. Our son also developed some great friendships with other children during his time at FWM. We were so impressed with the level of care, love, nurturing and child-specific attention that was given to him. FWM provides constructive outlets for his energy. After our previous experiences with other immersion preschools in SF, we have seen that noone cares as deeply as Binbin does, and is as informed on all her kids as she is. Binbin and the other teachers, through their perceptive care and constant positive reinforcement, have taught him how to play well with others and work together in a group. I would gladly recommend FWM to any parent! If one kid acts up against another one, they intervene immediately to resolve any convicts. We highly recommend FWM and believe it's a great place for our children to grow and mature and prepare for the next step, especially if these three things are as important to you as they are to us. We really wanted an environment where our children could get that experience since neither myself nor my husband speak it, but we wanted them to learn it. Our youngest is also flourishing at FWM even though he has only been there a few months. He speaks in paragraphs in both Mandarin and English, and we obviously can't take any credit for his Mandarin skills. She even allowed our son to stay on his "compostable diaper service" while at school. Although there have been times when we've had to drop off our daughter in a "Terrible Twos" bad mood, she would always be cheerful and happy by pickup time, no doubt due to Binbin Laoshi's skills as a Child Whisperer. Bin runs a very rich program for the children. They get a healthy, balanced home-cooked meal with organic ingredients and my picky eater comes home raving about how many bowls she's had. Fun With Mandarin was an excellent daycare for our son. We have been impressed by the attentiveness with which the teachers have shown my son, the great variety of activities that he has gotten to share in, the unique child-friendly artwork that he brings home on a daily basis and which he obviously enjoys making and sharing, and the joy that he gets out of learning Mandarin and being with his friends and teachers at school. Both boys are excited in the morning to go to school, what more could a parent want! We always get a full report on how our daughter did during the day including how much food she's eaten, how long she's napped, any conflicts with other kids, any happy news with other kids, etc. Binbin communicates what the children are learning about at school in bi-weekly newsletters and at pick-up which makes it easy for us as parents to continue the lessons at home. The whole child is considered in the teaching approach.

Fwm quote

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The kids seem to always be happy and learning something new!

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