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The queercore zine label Xerox Revolutionaries run by Hank Revolt, was available online and distributed zines from to From personal experience, I know that Debbie is a generous and charitable lady and I've seen her support the Humane Society as well as the various charities serving the boys that love her so. Which is exactly what I want in my bad-ass queers. Good thing Stiv was working out this Goth look at the time The first of several culturally comedic events started when Dave T. In September , Homocore: Pleasant, Kid Congo and I were inseparable teens and somethings at the dawn of punk rock together with our friend, the late Randy Kaye.

Gay punk rock

Singer and founder Lynn Breedlove has gone on to explore the worlds of cinematography, writing, and philanthropy with a queer eye firmly on the prize. The Dicks - "Saturday Night at the Bookstore" Hailing out of progressive Austin, the Dicks were part of that early, s Reagan-influenced socio-political hardcore scene. The band Limp Wrist represent a contemporary breed of hardcore punk. The film was released in by Troma Entertainment [34]. Origins[ edit ] In the early 80s, several US hardcore bands wrote queer-themed songs, and Gary Floyd of The Dicks along with Randy Turner of Big Boys were notable in both being out and outspoken gay men. Florida punk act Against Me! Music historian Julia Downes additionally identified the following artists and bands in an overview of UK queercore music circa The Queer Zine Archive Project is an internet database of scanned queer zines that continues to grow. Tribe 8 - "Lezbophobia" San Francisco's Tribe 8 are widely acknowledged as the first ladies of Queercore. Adding info to your song posts — genre, location, year — gives us an incentive to check out your submission and makes it easier for us to discover bands in our neighborhoods. Downvote content that contributes nothing to the community — not stuff that differs from your personal tastes. Randy and Pleasant in San Francsico, In retrospect, is it OK to joke that Lobotomy, the brainless magazine was run by 2 fags and 2 hags? These bands all combine elements of the DIY culture that spurred queercore and the punk sensibility, as seen in two of Manchester's offerings, the lesbian disco-punk band Vile Vile Creatures and solo lo-fi electro-punk-popster Ste McCabe whose previous band Stephen Nancy were considered a major reference for UK queercore in the early s. In the s, as the availability of the internet increased, many queercore zines, such as Noise Queen could be found online as well as in print. Lou Reed, - even though "Walk on the Wild Side" was released four years earlier, he was still riding high on its notoriety Lou Reed's hit record Walk on the Wild Side narrates the transformation of Warhol Superstar Holly Woodlawn who did live at the Chelsea and also starred in the Warhol film, Chelsea Girls, which was shot at the hotel. A Punk-u-mentary by Scott Treleaven. Widely considered extremely offensive for their stage antics, their sole LP Hooked on Moronics is an album that I miss dearly, as it was "borrowed" many, many years ago. Politically motivated US bands such as MDC and 7 Seconds also introduced anti-homophobia messages into their songs at this time, while the Nip Drivers included a song titled "Quentin", dedicated to Quentin Crisp , in their repertoire. The Shondes , a four piece rock band from Brooklyn combine riot grrrl punk with classical and traditional Jewish music influences; similarly, Schmekel , an all-transgender, all-Jewish Brooklyn band combines punk rock with klezmer. Records , Yoyo Recordings and Candy Ass Records also supported and released material by queercore artists but in the mid to late s several other small labels, alongside Outpunk, sprung up solely devoted to queercore. The s also brought a new crop of bands to prominence in the United States. New music and covers of blacklisted songs are allowed anytime. The associations between violence, hardcore sex and hardcore music and homosexuality spawned a whole new way of depicting culture through music and art forms. Unnecessary downvoting chokes varied content creation and discourages unique submissions. This is a civil war against the ultimate evil, and consequently we must identify us and them in no uncertain terms, a task which will prove to be half the battle". Not as overtly political or sexually oriented as the Dicks, singer Randy "Biscuit" Turner was a beloved outsider artist and openly gay man who died in from cirrhosis of the liver due to an untreated Hepatitis C infection.

Gay punk rock

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It was the first release from the label, which features many queercore acts in its roster.

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