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It occupied two floors in the structure, and rented out the rest to generate income. A shocking 10 percent of all full-time workers made so little money they were considered absolutely destitute. This was a major change for the union. Employers often offered double what the collective bargaining agreement required. Previously, the GBBA had adhered to a philosophy known as craft unionism , in which a narrow set of highly skilled glassworkers were organized by the union. With just 1, members and the union running a large budget deficit, Maloney cut the salaries of officers and staff, eliminated staff, and canceled publication of the union magazine. Immigration from Europe to the United States almost came to a stop, eliminating a major source of cheap labor. Glass blowers, however, made 60 to percent more than the average worker, and were considered the "cream" of the working class.


Hayes was elected the new union's president in , a position he held for the next three decades. The union reasoned that it was not glass that gave the union its unique nature, but blowing and molding. These highly paid workers generated significant dues, and their specialized skills and homogeneous socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds made them easy to organize. As of , the union had just 30, members. Although the union had organized 95 percent of worksites employing hand-blown or hand-operated machines, it had but a single contract at an automated company. He was succeeded by Lee Minton. Troth - to Denis A. Immigration from Europe to the United States almost came to a stop, eliminating a major source of cheap labor. Employment and membership dropped sharply due to bad economic conditions. Mechanization turned glassmaking from a skilled profession to an unskilled one. The union won a 15 percent wage increase over three years, establishment of an industry-wide health and life insurance plan, and pension portability for workers who are at least 40 years of age, have 15 years of service, and are laid off due to automation or permanent plant shutdown. The need for glass dropped precipitously, leading to major membership losses and wage decreases. Rankin - to [64] John P. The agreement even listed the physical movements all workers would be expected to do. The GBBA responded with a strong organizing effort. Highly skilled workers like glass blowers made up 15 percent of the entire workforce. With the union having organized every single plant in the glass container industry, Minton won the membership's approval to re-establish the union newsletter for the first time since One in four workers in the green glass industry was a child. A short time later, it rented larger quarters in the Witherspoon Building. This latter effort had some success. It won, and by nearly all of the neon sign locals had left the GBBA. Subsequently, it began organizing in the fiberglass and plastics industry for the first time. However, in Local No. Seven locals of fiberglass workers were organized in The strike lasted 11 days, and involved 32, workers. It occupied two floors in the structure, and rented out the rest to generate income.


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By , unskilled workers were organized in 16 different plants.

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