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If you name your little girl Clara, there is a good chance that she will be a savvy businesswoman who will achieve great material wealth. Emersons are quick learners that do their best in an authoritative position — think CEO of a major company or leading a research team to cure cancer! Kara is in the th spot with a slight rise since last year. Another major reason to choose this name? I am glad that I am called Emma because it is a wonderful name. Esme can also be short for Esmeralda. For its part, Emmarose has dropped in popularity by a whopping 1, spots and is now at 6,

Good nicknames for the name emma

Doing research on the strip years later, I found that Emma Plushbottom was originally Emmy Schmaltz, who ran a boarding house. In the US though, it has ever so slightly been rising in popularity over the last couple of decades and currently holds the th spot. Then Emelia is worth considering. As far as name meanings go, Gemmas are said to prefer freedom over responsibility. They have big ambitions and love to do their own thing. As far as popularity goes, Millie is one of the most popular names across the pond in the UK. If you like the name but still want something less popular, then you can consider Jemma, which is in the th spot. If you would rather stray away from any possible associations to her, then there is also the option of changing the C for a K and making the name Kara instead, which is equally as pretty. I live my name but I wouldn't recommend it as it's way too popular and all the Emma's just become one in the same because of this My name is Emma, and although I'm attached to it and I won't ever change it, I don't really like it. It exploded because of the TV show Friends which named that baby Emma 10 years later. Another major reason to choose this name? As far as mythology goes, Maya is another name for the Hindu warrior goddess Durga. You can be sure that they will make the right decision for them and they will be free of worry or uncertainty about it. Edit All-containing; universal; complete Famous real-life people named Emma: If popularity is a factor though, you are better off sticking with Cara, which is currently I have only met a few other Emmas in my life. Nobody has messed up her name or called her something else. A lot of people at my school don't have that name, so in a way it's unique. Some people may say it's common, but in all honesty, I've only ever met one girl named Emma, and I didn't even know her that well. I wish when I introduced myself I said a name that they'd never heard before, and they were taken a back, like, "wow, that's really pretty. It'll always be unique to me anyways. I am that girl, though not a baby any longer. To me it sounds like the name of an old lady who lives on a farm! I am so glad to be named Emma. It's a shame Emma is so popular, since it is pretty and all, but if you have a common last name like Smith or Jones or Johnson, pretty please don't name your daughter Emma! It sounds like a grunt! While Emma is 1, Emelia is

Good nicknames for the name emma

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Like most names on this list, Elsa used to be part of a longer name, Elizabeth, but has now been adapted into being a name of its own.

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