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Surely I had suffered and surrendered enough! Living together with that over your heads, without the saving grace of forgiveness will most certainly destroy your marriage. We were married and began our life together with many dreams and hopes. I need to keep reminding myself out loud that I too have been forgiven, and I must choose again to forgive my husband. Now God wanted me to give it to Marc freely, with no strings attached. Slowly, my cold heart began to thaw and forgive. Awakening to Reality I was married to a different man than I thought I had been, and my heart became filled with anger and an intense desire for revenge against him. We needed to decide what to do.

How to forgive unfaithful husband

Nothing could have prepared me for the waves of bitter reality I experienced. One evening as Marc and I sat together taking communion, God revealed to me what was missing. Countless couples have learned forgiveness and survived cheating With the high divorce rates it might seem hard to imagine it, but many couples do learn about forgiveness, practice it, and end up staying together. I went home resolute and hard, still bitter against Marc. From Ashes to Beauty how God is transforming a marriage and family Did you know there is a gift more costly than platinum and diamonds, and yet everyone can afford to give it? I felt like a single mother. A Difficult Confession That night, my fears became a reality as my husband and I stood on the balcony of our hotel room. You think you see the lover in a crowd, only it turns out to just be someone with the same hair. Holding onto negative emotions is undeniably the worst way to live your life, by the way. However, this most generous present cannot be given in our own human strength. I called her, and she listened as I poured out my frustration and anger toward Marc. It has been rebuilt on the firm foundation of Christ, and He is creating the deep, heart-to-heart relationship between us that I had longed to experience in our marriage. As I have daily asked God to make me kind, tender, and forgiving, an amazing change has taken place in my relationship with my husband. Resentment and bitterness had entrenched themselves in my heart, and I thought that these improvements were only a passing phase. The husband told his story of gaining freedom from moral failure and explained how he had confessed hidden sins to his wife. Anyone who tells you revenge is the answer is not helping. Is it possible to forgive an unfaithful husband? How could a husband do such a thing, and then get up in huge auditorium and expose his secrets to the world? So, if you decide not to forgive your cheating spouse, then you should prepare the divorce papers. I went with a hard, cold heart. I reasoned that he would eventually go back to his secrecy and sin. During the past few years, my husband and I have been on a journey of openness and forgiveness that has challenged, restored, and deepened our relationship. Marc wept with relief. Reminders of the cheating are everywhere, acting as triggers to your negative thoughts. Gradually, I began to make decisions for our family and take areas of leadership away from Marc. That night, as the storm of despair in my heart raged on, Marc left the house and I was alone with my pain.

How to forgive unfaithful husband

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We went in and sat down, and the couple began to speak. However, this most generous present cannot be given in our own human strength.

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