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Most often jealousy is caused by love. They give you a fake smile They go overboard in their attempts to come off as friendly but the grin on their face is so fake that everybody can see it. They behave so because your failure would mean that you are not as good as them. That they are better than you, and you are not up to their level. The result is an individual who behaves competitively. As the British psychotherapist Adam Phillips says:

How to tell if someone is jealous of you

They gossip behind your back Jealous people will always find a way to talk about you behind your back. A right way of coping with them is to show them how little they mean to you. The sooner you cut them off you will have a much better life. The reasons that they come up with may be rude or condescending. Clinical psychologist Leon F. Most probably would pay false compliments An insecure person would compliment you when you see each other face to face but could gossip or tell lies about you behind your back. Yet, there seems to be an easy way to help improve the human condition by random acts of kindness. Could be a copycat Although psychologists claim this is a sign of flattery, someone who is jealous of you would often try to take after you and to imitate everything you do. They have been waiting for that moment for so long. They look down on your achievements The thing that haunts them the most is when your success and good fortune gets into this chain reaction and starts multiplying. Anyone that takes pleasure in seeing you fail is not a good person and does not wish you well. Knowing the signs of a jealous person will make it easier to fix and handle in a positive and productive manner. If as soon as you talked about your accomplishments, your friend crossed their legs they might not be sincerely happy to hear about them. That they are better than you, and you are not up to their level. But they will never say it to your face. This feeling is manifested through fear , worries, and envy. They are filled with sarcastic remarks. A tired bird perched on a branch. But most of us are more than willing and ready to support our friends regardless of our personal lives. Be careful whom you tell your secrets to. They give false compliments You can recognize their fake smile when they tell you something looks good on you. Of course, competitiveness could lead to success if it derives from real ambition. You can always remind them that making mistakes are part of life and learning. Because of this, they start to feel like a burden on your shoulders. They wrap up insults with compliments More often than not, every compliment they give has an insult hidden underneath. They try to sabotage your other relationships When they are with you, they will tell you one side of the story, and as soon as you leave their sight and they are with some of your other friends or acquaintances, they will tell them something to trash you. Some people are emotional leeches and they find comfort in your pain.

How to tell if someone is jealous of you

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How To Know If Someone Is Secretly Jealous Of You - Top 10 Signs Of Jealousy

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Might undermine your success People who are jealous could try to undervalue your success. Some people are emotional leeches and they find comfort in your pain.

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