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Each one of those suspects, Ohlsen said, is likely trafficking more than one victim. Between and , children were identified as victims of commercial sexual exploitation in the Portland metro area, according to a study by Portland State University Associate Professor Chris Carey. Educators are teaching children as young as 13 -- the average age that prostitutes start as sex trafficking victims -- to look out for signs of trafficking, Lovell said. Her phone buzzes to indicate her ride has arrived, and she gathers her things and makes her way to the exit without incident — just the way it should be. Though they toyed with the idea of being a residential home, Door to Grace settled on providing mentorship to young girls and women who were victims of sex trafficking Weiner. She looks to be about sixteen or seventeen, and appears to be alone. The goal is to support them in recovery. This makes it so that the traffickers are eventually able to reach a point of control and trust in their relationship where they are able to use their victims as pawns in a trade of sexual exploitation Bickford. The youngest was 8.

Human trafficking portland oregon statistics

She shares her story with hundreds of other children who are trafficked in and around Portland each year. All Curry had to do was get her a fake ID and she could dance nude for patrons. Here are some more of Carey's findings: Because of that, officers spend a lot more resources working with victims. Half of the battle when it comes to combating human trafficking is awareness; simply understanding the issue and knowing the warning signs can make a huge difference in putting a stop to these crimes. The Huffington Post doesn't name the victims of sex trafficking, especially minors. Each one of those suspects, Ohlsen said, is likely trafficking more than one victim. Human trafficking is a difficult reality, but with the work of law enforcement officers like Keith Bickford and organizations like Door to Grace, Portland is quickly moving towards the first step of prevention, which is acceptance; human trafficking is a real and prevalent issue not only in the backyard of Portland, but all over the country. The average age of victims was Yet the rain-soaked locals of Portland and Seattle trying to escape to the California sun are not the only people to utilize this easy bridge between the states; once they have successfully targeted and gained the trust of their victims, I-5 is also a preferred mode of transportation for human traffickers. Sex trafficking is a transient crime, local police say -- pimps and gangs will sell victims from California to Portland and when business is slow, they'll move to Seattle or Vegas. Arduous a process though it may be, working to end the exploitation and prostitution of youth in Portland is well within our reach. For that reason, it's difficult to compile sex trafficking stats in any given community, or to argue definitively that Portland's issues are worse than, say, Seattle's. Police, meanwhile, are trying to get ahead of the problem by going into schools and educating both potential victims and criminals. Whatever the cause may be of her apparent insecurity, she has found someone to affirm whatever doubts she may have been having, and thus begins a vicious and manipulative cycle of silent abuse. Toth turned a blind eye when a year-old girl was being pimped out in Toth's club by Victor Moreno-Hernandez. But in many ways, this teen had her childhood taken away from her. Their cases prompted a Stars manager to identify Curry's victim as a minor to police. The care and rehabilitation offered to victims of human trafficking in Portland is also notable and growing; just as Keith mentioned, Portland is put on the map not only because of its issue with human trafficking, but because of all the good work the community is doing to combat the problem and care for those affected Bickford. Current Stars Cabaret owners -- who are currently fighting the state Liquor Control Commission's proposal to cancel their liquor license because of the club's connection to criminal activities -- declined to comment. It is important to note that the reduction we see in the arrest of women does not indicate that demand is being reduced. What's Being Done The CSEC steering committee Ohlsen sits on was created in to allow educators, sexual assault aid and advocacy groups and law enforcement agencies to coordinate in fighting child sex trafficking. Curry was arrested in September and convicted earlier this month in neighboring Washington County on seven counts of using a child to display sexually explicit conduct. Despite there being an abundance of organizations and an ever-growing awareness surrounding human trafficking in the Portland area, there is still much room for improvement. Nearly 17 percent of victims had a child of their own when they were identified.

Human trafficking portland oregon statistics

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Human Trafficking in Oregon

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Curry was arrested in September and convicted earlier this month in neighboring Washington County on seven counts of using a child to display sexually explicit conduct.

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