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I think Canberra's distance from other, larger cities actually affects a lot. Canberra is sprawling, for such a small place. Expect to have to secretly negotiate with real estate agents to outbid ten other desperate people just to rent a place that isn't in the middle of nowhere yes, people bid against each other for rentals, which are already expensive enough - Canberra is not a cheap place to live. The government schools, if this is a concern, have a good reputation. My list of pros and cons: I'm fonder of Canberra than most — I find it genuinely pleasant, I love the modernist architecture and the "bush capital" vibe, and unlike almost everyone, I'm actually interested in politics. People above have really made all the relevant points, but I'd like to add this:

I hate canberra

You will need a car, but it's also Australia's best city for biking. What if the negative impressions formed when we were forced to meet our local MPs during that mandatory Year 6 visit to Parliament were wrong? I hope whatever you choose works out beautifully for you. He currently lives in O'Malley and has kangaroos eating the seed out of the bird feeder in his front yard every morning. It used to be quite sterile and full of people who were just passing through, but has gotten a lot better. When my first child was born, I was suddenly introduced to the concept of social status. People in Canberra complain about travelling times? Last time I went, I was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of new, cool bars serving craft beer and great cocktails, and terrific eateries of the sort you now find in every other Australian city or major town. There are lots of lovely, uncrowded beaches there. The transient population really wasn't evident to me as a kid - my primary school class was essentially the same 20 people all the way through. This is when all of the new students, public service graduate recruits and military people all arrive at once, and trying to find accommodation is absolute hell. Just as a visitor, I'm not really convinced that a small city in Australia is that great. My list of pros and cons: Huge trees, quiet roads. I know that they have to come up with new places to visit every year, but every Australian is forced to visit Canberra at some point, so we aren't exactly overlooking it. We didn't have a 4WD, a six-figure income, or a mortgage, so found ourselves ostracised no, not an exaggeration from other parents at babies events, daycare, pre-school, etc. Yes, it's Canberra's moment of recognition for something besides being the nation's most notorious compromise after the NBN. They also tell me not to buy the stereotype; and that the image of Canberra as a modern Wild West just-passing-through pollie's and staffer's town is the creation of just those pollies and staffers who didn't like it very much. It's quiet, green, seems quite down to earth. What's a couple of years in a place, eh? They don't do pubs in Canberra. It means we have honest-to-god seasons - a real fall, a real spring, and once every few years, a dusting of wonderful snow. Probably overstated it, calling it 'major', though. It's a car town. If you're interested in politics, then it can be fun watching assorted politicians, staffers, journos and hangers on arrive in town for a couple of weeks when Parliament sits - filling the bars, restaurants, hotels, etc - and then all depart again for a month or so. And those who live at Batemans Bay didn't seem to like Canberrans in general.

I hate canberra

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Roundabouts were rolled out in Canberra's youth to trap tourists. Rolls in at around dawn, and stubbornly sits until lunchtime or later.

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