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Don't let them shape your months and years, and don't let your life be a string of feelings for different people with you making no advancements in your own life. You may wonder how we can define things as vague and fluid as romantic feelings. However, the line between a healthy crush and a problematic infatuation is not as thin as it seems. For this reason, it is also extremely important in relationships after the infatuation and hence the craving caused by dopamine wears off. You cannot magic away these feelings because they are a strong illusion created by chemicals in your brain. Currently, you're motivated to get this person into your life, but you can use this mental tactic to enjoy other things intensely, like academics, hobbies, pets etc.

Infatuation feelings

After all, this is biologically advantageous; we are mammals and are meant to pursue, and eventually reproduce with, those that we deem physically and emotionally intriguing. A diagnosis would just be putting a label on what you've felt your entire life. However, I do have to tell you: For some reason, when us humans experience something intense or profound, we do what no other animals do and we introduce a poignant aspect of eternality to the situation. You may wonder how we can define things as vague and fluid as romantic feelings. You want to be able to act on the passionate feelings that you currently have, and for those to last forever, which is why the supposed "missed connection" is so tragic and hard for you to cope with. Most people go through their lives organically forming healthy "crushes"; even when not actively seeking a partner, they will encounter a few people a year that will grab their attention and seem irresistible. Rather, it adds to the experience by increasing the sweet feelings of trust and fondness. However, we are wired to pursue, bond with and care for other human beings for the sole reason of reproduction and the survival of our species. Your neurobiology has temporarily gone awry and taken control of your feelings, but this level of misery cannot and will not last. It wouldn't be what you're craving now, believe me. If your self-esteem was moderately high and you were mainly mentally healthy no depressive episodes, no propensity to obsession, no episodes of mania then it is highly unlikely that you would fall into an illusion so controlling as infatuation. Are you not sure if you are really in love with that person or just infatuated? When noradrenaline is also released, the two neurotransmitters can undergo a reaction and produce not only an elated mood, but also focused attention, hyper-activity and loss of appetite. This may fill you with sadness but is reality; your mental issues aren't their problem, nor are they something that many people will relate to. This boy or girl is a phase in your life, albeit an intense one. Infatuation has a shelf-life because it is based in the fantasy and reality cannot maintain it. Over time, your neurobiology will balance out again and this person, essentially a stimulus, will not inspire the same physiological response in your brain. Love makes you want to create a better life for yourself in all areas. I don't know why we, as humans, struggle with this idea so much. That is how infatuation ends, and you should think about your situation scientifically like this as it helps as opposed to thinking romantically or focusing on the joy that the infatuation can bring, since it mainly brings pain. In short, if you feel so distraught that you cannot be with the person that you are googling for solutions, crying before bed and upon waking, losing interest in activities that you normally love, struggling to imagine a future without the person in your life, you are definitely infatuated and not crushing. In short, we make them out to be something they are not. It's your brain's way of latching onto something that could, in theory, make you happy and take away all your troubles. Love is about knowing what the other person wants in life and working on compromising. It's almost impossible that you would.

Infatuation feelings

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Why Does Passion Fade?

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14.09.2018 at 10:12 pm

Even if this isn't your first infatuation and you saw that you got over your last one, remember that, naturally, you will be convinced that this person is the one and that you are ruining your life by missing out on being with them.

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