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Since INFJs are known for readily voicing their feelings and opinions, they can be seen as very assertive in a verbal sense. Ti uses models to root out logical inconsistency. In other words, theoretical debates and counter-arguments of the Ne variety are unlikely to have much, if any, power to change the mind of an INFJ. They may rail against STJs as being short-sighted, arbitrary, bureaucratic, obsessed with useless facts and trivial details, overly-finicky about meaningless issues, and unable to see the big picture. Te seeks logical explanations for actions, events, and conclusions, looking for faulty reasoning and lapses in sequence. Consequently, INFJs are apt to have mixed feelings about their degree of assertiveness and will tend to score higher on the turbulent scale.

Infj multiple personalities

Seeking to protect what is familiar, Si draws upon history to form goals and expectations about what will happen in the future. A type's background color represents its Dominant function, and its text color represents its Auxiliary function. INFJs often pursue expressive careers such as writing, elegant communicators that they are, and author many popular blogs, stories and screenplays. This method stands in direct opposition to the natural flow of their functional stack i. After all, there is something romantic about this perception of the INFJ as rare and unusual such rarity inspires practically everyone to want to identify as an INFJ! Information must be verifiable and based on reliable published sources. Learn how and when to remove this template message A diagram of the cognitive functions of each type. As children, INFJs are often more timid and react more strongly e. Fi filters information based on interpretations of worth, forming judgments according to criteria that are often intangible. They are often independent and tend to prefer a quiet environment that allows them the opportunity to fully develop their own thoughts and ideas. Any INFJ expected to do this kind of work for an extended period of time is likely to become restless, agitated, and resentful. The INFJ is then caught in a paradox. INFJs are dedicated, helpful, and principled workers who can be relied on to envision, plan, and carry out complex projects for humanitarian causes. INFJs are clever, and can function in any of these fields, but to be truly happy, they need to be able to exercise their insightfulness and independence, learn and grow alongside the people they are helping, and contribute to the well-being of humanity on a personal level. Their intimate knowledge of the psychological process may poise them ahead of others in terms of potential for individuation early on, but nothing guarantees that they will necessarily capitalize on this potential for their own growth and maturity. But ultimately what the INFJ must realize is that this has been an illusion. While young INFJs are often academically precocious, some of their greatest strengths—emotional, social, and moral intelligence—are commonly overlooked or underappreciated. The secondary Auxiliary function serves to support and expand on the Dominant function. Ti examines all sides of an issue, looking to solve problems while minimizing effort and risk. INFJs are known for their perspicacity and intuitive insight, adept at seeing through surface appearances in order to grasp deeper psychospiritual realities. From a young age, the INFJ innately senses the difference between behavior that is authentically motivated i. Their nervous systems are wired to be more sensitive and permeable to all sorts of stimuli—both inner and outer. With an acute awareness of the present surroundings, it brings relevant facts and details to the forefront and may lead to spontaneous action. Doing so can and does alienate them from those who might seek out their guidance and help. Introverted thinking Ti [ edit ] Ti seeks precision, such as the exact word to express an idea.

Infj multiple personalities

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17 Signs You’re An INFJ, The World’s Rarest Personality Type

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For INFJ these shadow functions are in order: Fi constantly balances an internal set of values such as harmony and authenticity.

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