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Most shows I have seen are of people using clicker training or other methods to correct simple things, usually not aggression. Nor did I add the links to his site. Perhaps the human ego just needs someone to push around and most dogs let us do it. RS with respect what sources are acceptable, and WP: Keep the following things in mind:

Is caesar the dog whisperer gay

The nitpicking and odd biased POV in the "critcism" is just bizzare -- I listened through most of the same interview, and saw it from a different standpoint, hopefully a more objective one. Whoever listened to the interview listened with a biased POV and posted it as so. So, I think the key is to try to find a verifiable source which helps define what it means to be a "dog behaviourist"; not to try and find if "credible" sources call Cesar Millan a dog behaviourist. Does this then mean that every lawsuit ever filed against Wikipedia subjects should be included in their pages? Wikipedia has a strict policy on "No original research", which means that before any information can go into a Wikipedia article, it first has to appear in an outside source. Certification is beneficial to anyone who consults with the public or with other professionals about the applications of animal behavior knowledge or about specific behavioral problems of animals. Pit bulls are bred for impulsive aggression, and it is as natural for them to attack other dogs as it is for greyhounds to run after rabbits on a track. Thank you Tintina Although there is a distinct "following" for this viewpoint, that does not necessarily make it the standard or most widely accepted one, in spite of the fact that many involved may have degrees or be published. Both may contradict; but there's only one truth. I would think that the show being in its third season and his book reaching bestseller status would be an "indication" of mainstream thought and the overall opinion and reception is positive.. Why do people waste all those years in school? Middle French partisan, from north Italian dialect partian, from part part, party, from Latin part-, pars part 1: There is nothing untrue in the statement. For more information on the membership levels and benefits, visit our Membership Section http: When Millan says that "no dog needs to be euthanized", that "all dogs can change"; he means it. Other than that, your change to the actual article looks fine to me. It's also ironic, considering that just a couple weeks earlier, Millan was in the press, for raising money for a different Humane society organization [5]. In addition to "pet dog" trainers and owners there are hundreds of trainers and owners involved in herding, protection work, hunting, formal obedience and other specialized fields. There are others, less well known. But I have met many amateurs with more experience of field work and fossil collecting, understanding of stratigraphy, and all round general knowledge than I do. This is a standard dog behaviorist term. Positive reinforcement methods were, in fact, popularized by Ian Dunbar and not through the use of clicker training. It would be really nice if you would sign your posts: Typically in a discussion of differing POV the positive is expressed first and the detraction second. They are "better" palaeontologists than I am. Millan, that you want to push or cut down anything you perceive as negative.

Is caesar the dog whisperer gay

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Redman on Relationship with Cesar Milan, Cesar Using His Dog "Daddy"

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Members of the Animal Behavior Society are actually animal behavorists and actually DO work with domestic pets such as cats and dogs.

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