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The roofline is a strange black and white gothic facade that looks handpainted: Some Friday and Saturday nights the Jokers race Harleys through the corner stoplight and every year on April Fools, there's a major rally with bikes jammed onto the small street behind the clubhouse. I am a mother and I work with children, but no matter what happens if I have a problem I tell someone. They broke down the back door only to find the entire interior covered with chicken wire - made impenetrable just in case some enemy happened to have a battering ram. I mustered up the courage to walk up the wooden porch steps and knock on the house door - no answer. Avenue is a reggae bar and African cultural center called New Born Tribe.

Jokers portland maine

The comment of the GoldRoom, I understand the concern, but do you know for a fact that the Joker's guests were listening??? Then, all of a sudden, an older man in metal-frame sunglasses and a gigantic Gypsy Jokers belt buckle came outside and walked swiftly to a car parked at the curb. Avenue is a reggae bar and African cultural center called New Born Tribe. The neighbors say the club isn't so much an epicenter of biker mayhem as a party house for a bunch of older, rough and tumble kind of guys. When I go out if I am not happy I ask to speak to a manager. Turns out the Jokers are serious about the "violators will be prosecuted" threat, too. I am a mother and I work with children, but no matter what happens if I have a problem I tell someone. How many of you, excluding the last one, told an employee about the bathrooms, or about your pizza, or about the service. I have too been to a show when Joker's has closed and I never heard the vaccuums?! What is this private party to which law enforcement are specifically uninvited? The neighbors knew immediately - the strange building is the exclusive clubhouse of Oregon biker gang the Gypsy Jokers. The fancy new development across the street with its bizarrely-named restaurant "Belly" probably steal their focus first. So I stood at the gate and peered between the bars: But I always find a manager or an owner and speak with them. Then I thought about handguns. I could easily push the metal bars open and go in. About alcohol and children don't mixed, Chuck E Cheese serves alcohol right there and they can drink it while playing with their children, at least at Joker's it is contained. I waited outside the metal gate for a while, trying to get a glimpse of anything worth hiding. The club's front is that enigmatic brick and black exterior and along the back of the property runs a tall metal gate attached to a decrepit white home. Subscribe to The Portland Mercury's newsletter Subscribe. I just think that ppl forget businesses are hard to run when you aren't given the proper help. But these days it seems like the Jokers spend their free time living lawless in simpler ways. As for the games, I understand they are old, but do you have money to give them to buy new ones???? Other people call that racism. But when you happen to wander by on foot, this building's curious, off-kilter details are far more interesting than its posh new neighbors.

Jokers portland maine

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So I stood at the gate and peered between the bars:

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