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Dani grew up with all the strength in the world, but no love. He did not get near as much page time as he should have given how Burned ended on the back of his transformation. I believe in them. Better to wrap things nicely and go out strong than to linger and become an awkward caricature of what once was. And watching Dani deal with it broke our hearts.

Karen mooning

Like the Fever series, the Psy-Changeling books feature a hero in a world ruled by two opposing supernatural forces. That is, until she receives a phone call from her frantic and dying sister Alina. It has also been confirmed that a graphic novel is in the works from Del Rey, featuring Mac and Barrons. It was also fascinating as hell hearing him tell Dani a bit about his childhood, and why he never killed Rowena. But would we lie to you? So there might be black holes coming to swallow the entire Earth. Knowing that your time here is limited, having already died once, fully accepting your fragile life and not being afraid of death does give a person an otherworldly wisdom. There is, it is just absolutely belaboured. She screwed up her face in a look of such utter disgust that for a moment all I could see was a young Dani again, and I had to bite my lip to keep from smiling. Dani and Dancer was something that needed to happen. Dancer was brilliant and used that gift to help as many people as he could with his limited time on Earth. Inexpressible sorrow filled me. From personal experience, I know that the best way to move on from the loss of a series is to find something else to read. On her quest, we meet many exciting characters and more Sidhe-seers like Mac. It's absolutely riveting and I swear we were hanging off his every word and move. They each needed to grow what they lacked. At the end of the world, for Mac to have still not dealt with her personal, very real, issues with Cruce would have been a disservice to her epic character growth. How he'd deal with it, would he blame Mac, how would Mac handle it, would Barrons do something? But — come on. She is possessed by a sinister entity that intends on using her as an instrument of annihilation. Readers have been endlessly confused about the mural scene towards the end, but we loved it. We wanted him to be who he said he was, for Dani. One of these days, I sincerely hope to witness Ryodan and Dani deal with their emotional and sensual tension head on. The fact that his days were numbered was probably the one thing that gave Dani the courage to throw herself in love with him. Let me quickly recap. He did not get near as much page time as he should have given how Burned ended on the back of his transformation. And in a way, she was right.

Karen mooning

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Overall it sewed up so many of the threads that had been weaving through the series and especially the second arc.

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