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You are well able to convey your views and can be adept at persuading others, though you need to apply a greater focus while listening to people. Spiritual mysticism appeals to you and you may find yourself dabbling in the subject when opportunity presents itself. In addition to the above, you must find a way to conquer your critical nature. You are an excellent coordinator and easily decipher complex situations while finding realistic resolutions to whatever difficultly is presented to you. This placement may elicit a need to either benefit society somehow or retreat from it altogether. The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. Many rooms in a house are decorated with holly and mistletoe to awaken the beauty of Christmas. This is a good working partnership and it lends itself well to marriage. Relationships with children may also be tense and you may find communication with them challenging; your children are often unusual in some way.

Kelly star sign compatibility

Be mindful not to get carried away with substance use or sensual pleasures, as this can destroy you. You have many interesting ambitions and are rather unusual yourself. Three dead bats lie near-by. At times you may feel weighed down, like you alone carry the heavy burdens. So much so, that you may criticise the beliefs of others. A fire-worshipper meditates against the mountains in the East. Mentally you are innovative and unique, portraying an open-minded, accepting, kind, charitable character. Uranus in 5th house Your personal interests tend to be unconventional and divert from the norm. Your feelings are usually stable, though may be icy at times. A Leo must have a high regard for the person they marry, as otherwise the relationship with falter rather quickly. Moon in Capricorn 13 Sabian Symbol: VIRGO rising Those with their rising in the sign of Virgo are typically realistic, critical, systematic, detail-oriented, selective, analytical, timid, fussy, thoughtful, and particular. In your career, there will be an emphasis on things to do with the home; you may even work from home or create a home-like environment in your office as this will allow you to feel comfortable and secure. This placement indicates spontaneous losses and gains. Uranus in Aquarius 1 Sabian Symbol: Sex is a necessary part of building a relationship and that is exactly how a Libra man is likely to look at it. Be mindful towards fevers, as they can be prone to particularly high temperatures when sick. The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. You enjoy telling stories and communicate in a caring, engaging, charming, and capable manner; you are a great entertainer. Your high expectations create a lot of tension and irritability for you. You use your logical, analytical mind and intuitive ability to assess everything that you come across. Always willing to lend a helping hand when needed, you are friendly, outgoing, welcoming, caring, and tender. Acquiring knowledge is something you thoroughly enjoy spending your time on. A silver triangle pointing upwards, a darkened square below and a calm and serene human face. However, it would be beneficial for you to give fresh ideas a chance every once in a while.

Kelly star sign compatibility

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You are drawn to situations, people, or subjects that project a mysterious quality and you are always up for the challenge of figuring them out. Do not anger a Leo, as he will suddenly act as though he is the royal ruler of the land and you are his subject.

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